Thursday, September 24, 2009

Echo #15 - Abstract Studio

Ivy and Julie finally have a face to face chat this issue. She and Dillon had gone back to her own home . . the place where this all started, to try to figure out what's really going on. They were hoping that they could reason with HenRi and finally get some answers. But all HenRi really wants is the alloy from the suit. Anyways, Julie agrees to talk to Ivy, as long as she gives them some answers. She pretty much brings them up to date, giving them everything she knows. Her motivation to switch sides here? Well . . first of all she was fired by HenRi when she decided that the concerns of her own family where more important than her job. Secondly? Her daughter, Lulu, is very sick and she's hoping that Julie can help her. However, shortly after she gets most of the information . . HenRi shows up . . guns ready to blaze. Ivy stalls them while Julie, Dillon and Pam make their get-away. But HenRi just blows everything up anyways. We do find out though that there's more to this suit than any of them seem to know . . well, except for John Foster, who works for HenRi. 'You think this is about the Beta-suit? Do you really think I'm interested in a human freak show? You don't know, do you? You have no idea what the Phi project is really about.' On the final panel though . . we get a little hint. We see Julie, Dillon and Pam speeding away in the car. But the narration we see, I think, is that of Annie's. 'I wake from the dead in a car racing down the highway. Dillon is driving and a strange woman is crying in the backseat. The sun is setting and the woods are on fire. We pass a man changing a flat, families at a baseball field, houses with the lights on. It's so sad, because I've seen tomorrow . . and none of this was there.' I'm thinking that the future changed when Julie came into possession of the suit. But how did Annie 'see' it? Another fantastic issue by Terry Moore. I really enjoy the work that he's put into this title. I think he's got another winner here.

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