Thursday, September 17, 2009

Action Comics #881 - DC

In our World Against Superman story-line here, we start a new chapter with the Hunt for Reactron. First of all, Kara, Chris and Thara are being set up by General Lane. Right now the whole world thinks that they killed Mon El. We know that it was actually Mirabai, the witch or mystic that's working for Lane. She had Reactron and Metallo cloaked so they looked like Nightwing and Flamebird, and then they taped the fight between them and Mon El. We don't actually know that Mon El is dead, yet, but . . he hasn't been seen since the explosion occurred underground. So that's the assumption. Anyways, Kara pieces it together this issue that somehow Reactron was involved, because he's the only one capable of using Gold K on them . . which temporarily took away their powers. So this time she's decided that whenever she finds him, she's taking him back to New Krypton to face justice . . rather than trying to put him in a jail on Earth. The problem is, Kara, Chris and Thara keep fighting amongst themselves and drawing attention to them. On the final page of the issue, after hiding in Paris, they break out into another fight and find themselves facing Squad K. Overall I thought it was a decent story by Greg Rucka, Sterling Gates and Pere Perez. Although, I have to say . . I wasn't overly thrilled with Pere's art. It was ok. I just wasn't thrilled with it. Anyways, in the back-up, General Lane's forces are trying to get control of Captain Atom. He appears to be in another dimension, and Lane's forces are somehow mind controlling him. My guess is that they're in Mirabai's dimension. It seems to have a medieval type feel to it, and there's magic being thrown about. But we really don't know what the specifics are . . yet. This story gets more interesting with every issue. It's also by Greg with James Robinson, and Cafu on art. Overall I thought it was a decent book. And we won't have to wait long for the continuation as it rolls over into the next issue of Supergirl.

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