Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hellblazer #259 - DC

Oh my gosh! What a fantastic book. Simon Bisley provides the art for Peter Milligans story this issue, and . . it looks frikkin' fantastic. The art from the cover here is basically what we get through the whole issue . . with a little darker edge to it. John has gone to Chaz's wife's summer-house to try to be alone. Well . . that and he's trying to lay low because of Phoebe's recent death. He's shown in all the papers as her murderer. He tried to bring her back last issue, but instead ended up resurrecting her whole family in all the graves around her. They didn't seem like a very pleasant bunch. Anyways, he crosses over this issue in another attempt to find her. Instead he winds up in one of the circles of hell. He's not sure how he got there, or why, but he feels like he's being called. He finds what he thinks is Phoebe . .the unpleasant looking thing on the cover with needles and scalpels for fingers . . but he's confused as to why she's being presented this way. He wants to get out, to try to go back and try something different. Unfortunately he's in such a hurry that in the process he leaves the door open . . this creature follows him. He ends up sending it back, but in the process destroys much of Renee's family cottage. Chaz is going to catch hell for that. I thought it was a great issue. I really enjoy this book. I know John is a bit of as ass, but . . he's a likable ass. And I'm really enjoying the way that Peter is interpreting him. Also, luckily for us . . Simon Bisley will be returning next issue. What more could we ask for?

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