Thursday, September 17, 2009

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #5 - DC

This is a very strange series. We still don't know where Tom, Agent Tresser is located, but . . it has something to do with the Omacs and . . they seem to be running him through some type of gauntlet. Almost as if they're testing him, or trying to push his powers. We don't even know if these events are actually happening. By that, I mean . . are they happening in the real world? Or is it all just going on in some hallucinogenic state? This could all be happening on the psychic plane. Whatever's going on . . Tom has figured out that by handling situations, and choices differently . . the outcomes changes. It's almost like he's in some kind of 'Groundhog Day' scenario. The first time through, he saw all those around him . . his friends and confidants, either end up getting killed or just plain disappearing. When he goes back to the beginning and makes different choices . . the people he cares about either don't even show up, or at least don't come to any harm. It also has to do with Buddy Blank, who he spends a significant amount of time talking to this issue. Well . . with only 1 issue left, I'm sure all explanations will come to us next issue. I like Tom's character. Maybe this is a way of reinventing him . . or focusing his powers. But I think it's great to see him back in the spotlight again . . not just some supporting character. Ivan Brandon and Cliff Richards have done a neat job with this series. It's different. I'm interested to see it to it's conclusion.

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