Thursday, September 24, 2009

Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM! #8 - DC

This issue finally connects this series to the Monster Society of Evil story-line. Not that that's all that important, but . . I was just wondering where it all fit in with this book, and these characters . . or if it did at all. Apparently it happens before this current story, and it's part of what gives Sivana the means to build this current robot, and give it the power to take on Billy and his sister. Of course, eventually . . with the unwitting help of King Kull, they do defeat Sivana. However since he's using Tawny as a means to tap into the magical field . . in the end, they have to save their friend thereby giving up on pursuit of Sivana. He slips away yet once again. I like this book. I liked it better in the beginning when Mike Hunkle was handling the creative end, but . . I still like it. It's a bit more 'childish' now. But . . that's kind of always been the essence of this character. Yes this particular title is aimed at a younger audience, but . . Captain Marvel has always come across, at least to me, as a not as serious character. Even back when CC Beck was doing the book, it was always a 'tongue in cheek' type character, and stories. Anyways, I'm just glad that he's showing up on a regular monthly basis now. I thought that Captain Marvel would be a little more prominent after the Trials of SHAZAM! mini-series, but . . we haven't seen that come to fruition, yet. Maybe the Cry for Justice mini will help with that. We'll see.

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