Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blackest Night #3 - DC

If we look past all the murder and mayhem . . all the dead heroes, and villains, rising and giving their living counterparts hell . . we start to see glimpses and hints of the things that just may help the 'good-guys', or the living help defeat this black onslaught. The first comes from Ray Palmer. Last issue he went to talk to his friend, Hawkman. When he got there Hawkman tried to kill him. So he shrunk down and hid in his ring. He finds out that the rings seem to be collecting energy, and then channeling it somewhere else. We find out from Mera, after she was attacked by Aquaman . . "You can't panic. You can't let yourself feel anything. Those things out there . . I ran from them. When I kept focused and centered they had trouble following me. They're like sharks. You splash in the water, they'll sense it and then they'll consume you." Then when Ray is about to be killed by Hawkman, the Indigo tribe show up. After they banish the black energy around them, they give Hal, Barry and Ray a little insight. First they go through the history of the universe . . the dark and the light. They tell them how the white light was splintered into various spectrums by emotions. After all these years the darkness has decided to fight back. With that the heroes figure out that the 'dead' aren't really who they pretend to be. "Maybe the dead aren't wearing the rings, maybe the rings are wearing the dead. Maybe the rings are some sort of advanced organic computer that download their bodies becoming some sort of . . of simulator program to attack us . . but why?" That's when the Indigo Tribe tells them that the black rings feed off of emotion. When the Indigo Tribe stopped their recent attack, they channeled Hal's ring, along with their own. "Green light, reinforced with another such as ours, will neutralize the black rings and leave them susceptible to conventional damage. Once destroyed, the ring initiates a feedback, which renders the black lantern inert. The more shades of the emotional spectrum shining together, the stronger the light. That is why we have come to you, Green Lantern. Together, the seven Corps can replicate the white light of creation. Together we will be capable of locating and destroying the source of the black rings. You have personal connections to the most powerful members of the 5 remaining Corps." But now it's just a matter of getting Hal to do it. When he hears that Carol is back with the Star Sapphires, he wants to take off straight for Zamaron. We also see Ronnie Raymond's Firestorm force Jason and Gehenna to separate. He then absorbs Jason back into the matrix, and forces him to watch as he turns Gen into a pillar of salt . . literally. Although, on the bright side . . I'm guessing that Jason will be able to pick up some information while he's in there . . if he tries. And finally, while Hal, Barry, Ray and Mera are standing in the Hall of Justice debating all of this . . the black rings bring all the villains in the JLA vaults back to life. I thought this was another stellar issue by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. I like that we're finally starting to get some insight into these black rings, their powers, and how the 'heroes' may be able to defeat it. But we still don't know what the source is. We know that William Hand is involved, but . . we don't really know to what extent. And how does the Anti-Monitor fit into all of this? This is an 8 issue series, so . . we still have a lot of information to find out. And a lot of cliff-hanger endings to endure. I can't wait!!

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