Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dark Reign Sinister Spider-man #4 - Marvel

I have to admit . . I really liked this series. I know. Mac Gargan is a complete tool. But . . it was fun. This issue, everything comes together at Jonah's Big Apple Festival. He's tying to get things a little upbeat in his city. Crime is on the rise, and the economy is in the toilet. I guess he's hoping some carny rides will get the good citizens of NYC to forget about it. I'm not sure if all that helped, but . . the Redeemer shows up with General Wolfram and a couple other of his . . um, misfits. Their plan is to kill Spider-man. Last issue he sent some photographs to the leaders of the Rolling Sevens, and the Park Avenue Players. He wanted to show them how Spider-man has been inciting the rivalry between them. And he wants them to help him kill him. Anyways, somehow Jonah gets ahold of some pictures also, and he brings them to Norman Osborn's attention. Big mistake there. However, Norman decides that Mac is more trouble than he's worth so he sends Bullseye and Daken . . in their regular costumes . . there to kill him also. So Mac's got all this crap coming down on him, and the crowd's eating up the action. They think it's some kind of stunt show. When Chief Ibanez shows up. They end up arresting the Redeemer and his cohorts, as well as the leaders of the gangs. And Jonah and Spider-man take all the credit for bringing an end to the gang-war that has been rocking their city. Both of them are hailed as heroes. Norman has to take him back into the fold. And Mac is living it up because he's figured out that the ladies love Spider-man. As long as he keeps up this gig, he can get any woman he wants. I thought Brian Reed did a great job with this story. He kept the whole thing fun and irreverent. Of course Chris Bachalo's art helped tremendously with the mood of the book. The story and the art meshed together perfectly. Chris is also helped on some of these pages by Rob Disalvo. I have to say . . I liked his stuff also. Chris is one of my favorites, but Rob showed a whole lot of potential. I loved all the covers also. I really wouldn't mind seeing a second one of these. I don't know if it's in the cards or not, but . . if they kept it with the same theme and mood as this one . . it would be fun, if nothing else. This is another that I picked up on a whim, but . . I'm glad I did.

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