Thursday, September 17, 2009

Green Arrow and Black Canary #24 - DC

Black Canary and Cupid have teamed up . . kind of. In Big Game's hunt to kill Cupid, they think that he ended up killing Oliver. So Dinah takes it on herself to get Cupid out of police custody, in order to protect her. Well . . that or she's planning on using her as bait to draw out Big Game. Either way . . different methods, same result. However, it isn't long before Big Game is hot on their tail. If fact, it gets so dicey that Mia has to come to their rescue. Seeing the flying arrows, before realizing where they were coming from, actually gives Dinah hope . . hope that Oliver is still ok. So while she's thrilled to see Mia . . she's also a little disappointed that it's not her man. In the back-up story, we see the events that brought Mia back home, and then the fight where Oliver and Dinah kind of break-up. I don't think he wants to leave her, but with her recent concerns, I think he feels that he needs to find himself. 'You said it Dinah, there's something wrong in me. Something empty. You wanted me to hear you , babe. Well, I do. Loud and damn clear. I know I don't have to face it along, except . . I don't know how to do it with you. Love, I have to go . . it's the only way I can come back.' And with that . . he's off on his own . . again! I'm enjoying Andrew Kreisberg's stories. He really seems to have a great handle on these characters. I'm also enjoying Mike Norton's pencils. However, in the back-up, when Bill Sienkiewicz does the finishes . . it looks incredible. Mike and Bill seem to make a pretty good pair together. It's very visually stimulating art. I really can't wait to see where we go from here. And speaking of Andrew . . Fringe came back this week. It's a fantastic show. I'll have to look and see if Andrew is still listed in the writing credits.

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