Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Superman #692 - DC

This issue gave us a whole lot more information about General Lane's side of this Project 7734. First we find out that the whole problem with the sewers of Metropolis is that when the bomb exploded it contained nanotechnology from John Henry. Instead of building, it seems that they've been programmed to create destruction. But the problem really is . . John Henry isn't around to fix it. Remember? He got beat up pretty badly by Atlas. However, we do finally know where he's at . . Ivy Town . . comatose. I'm sure there will be more on that later. Anyways, we also see that the rest of the world now knows that General Lane is back. His disappearance has been spun as a self-imposed exile. While away he composed his 'Good Defense' against the imposing Kryptonian threat. He was the first to see it. I'm guessing the only one to see it. He's now a 5-star General, and the head of the Human Defense Corps. You know, a little know branch of the military that came out of nowhere. Kind of like Homeland Security. We also get a little more information about the General's secret weapon, Mirabai. Actually, Mirabai the Forlorn. She's back in her home dimension where she's trying to get information from Zatara. So . . he's not actually dead? But I thought Zatanna watched him die . . or did she just feel responsible for it? Anyways, he seems to have as many questions about her as she does about him. We also get a little peak inside of Project 7734, and some of General Lane's other projects contained there. Such as . . his robotics archive . . GI Robot is there . . a genetics experiment where he has some homemade mutants . .another genetics experiment which contains the Creature Commandos . . and his prize possession a meta-containment facility which now houses Mon-El. 'His expression is cold. But if I had to guess his mood . . I'd say Mon-El is angry!' Oh yeah, and to me the biggest revelation was that one of Jim Harper's Science Police officers . . well, Billi is actually the grand-niece of the original Jim Harper, but more importantly . . Wilcox, the cute redhead, is actually Sensor Girl. You know . . Princess Projectra, from the Legion . . in the future. What's she doing back here? I'm guessing that whole story-line from Superman and the JSA isn't finished yet. That's probably why Starman is still here also. Anyways, I thought James Robinson did a great job of bringing us up to speed on a whole bunch of stuff. I think we made huge strides in the story-line with this issue. Also Fenando Dagnino's art was fantastic. He had a new inker this issue, Raul Fernandez. The 2 of them really seem to work well together. I thought it was a great issue.

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