Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #002 - Marvel

Since Brian Bendis is writing this book, as he did the last version . . it really has much of the same feel to it. They're all just dealing with some different problems right now. Everything seems to be flowing along it's natural course, but . . I do have one question. When did Peter give up on MJ and start getting so close to Gwen? Did I miss something, or has that yet to be explained? I know before the catastrophe he was helping her with the whole Carnage thing, but . . when did that segue into a serious relationship? Plus, is it me, or does Peter and MJ seem to be deliberately avoiding each other? Ok, I guess that's more than one question, but . . they're really all about the same thing. Anyways, other than that . . I like the feel of the book right now. Johnny Storm has come to Aunt May's house to recuperate . . I guess. Nobody really knows what happened to him. But on the final page, Aunt May asks him. So I guess we'll get some answers next issue. After Jonah's obituary for Spider-man . . and then finding out that he actually made it through the disaster . . he's the toast of NYC right now. Everybody loves him. Which he's actually starting to find annoying. He usually has to have his guard up. This is throwing him off-balance. Everybody else's relationship seems to be falling apart. Kitty and Kong don't seem to be together anymore. And because everyone is blaming the disaster on 'mutants', she's like the red-headed step-child of her school now. Kitty is also not getting along with MJ. Really, the only 2 that seem to be happy is Peter and Gwen. Hmmm! Spider-man meets up with some new villains this issue . . the Bombshells. It's a mother and daughter team. It doesn't seem like it would be that big of a deal for him, but . . it takes a little more effort than he was expecting. And we find out that the new villain that was lurking around last issue . . the one that pushed the Kingpin off of his own building, is none other than Mysterio. We get a little bit of information about him this issue. But not much. Right now it seems like Brian is trying to start, and establish some new story-lines. Everything is a little bit disconjointed. But, some of that is to be expected after what they all just went through. It's still interesting. It just seems like everything is going in a new direction. David Lafuente is doing the art now. His style is different from both Mark's and Stuart's, but . . I think once he gets into the groove of this book, he'll definitely make it his own. You can already see some of his own influences coming through. I'm not thrilled with the book right now, but . . I'm also not disappointed. It doesn't have the same feel as the old one, but it's not supposed to. Right now it's just a matter of finding out just what kind of feel it is supposed to have. However, when all's said and done . . it's still Peter Parker and Spider-man. So I'm gonna love it. It's just in transition right now.

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