Thursday, September 17, 2009

Batgirl #2 - DC

What a great issue. This was part 2 of Batgirl Rising: Point of New Origin. I think Bryan Q Miller is going to have to work on those titles. They're a little long winded. Anyways, at the end of last issue Babs came to Steph's house to talk to her. What I don't think Babs realizes though is that she's talking to a teen-aged girl who has the opportunity to become Bat-girl . . an icon. Does she really thing she even remotely has a chance of talking her out of this? Anyways, they go back and forth . . for most of the issue, but in the end I think Babs is going to come around to trying to help Stephanie. If nothing else she can live through her . . vicariously. Plus . . through cameras and gadgets and lots and lots of tech. At one point Babs almost knocks Stephanie off her feet when she activates the audio/video links between her costume and her computers. At the end of the issue, on the DC Nation page, we see Bat-girl in a new costume. I wonder if this is why she created it. Anyways, Babs and Steph are trying to track down a new drug on the streets, Thrill. They don't know it yet but it's all gonna' go back to the Scarecrow. This is where Steph in going to learn . . if you want to wear the shoes, and play the game, you're gonna' have to step onto the court. This may be a bigger fish than she had originally dreamed of facing. First of all, I love that Phil Noto cover. Also, I thought the artwork of Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott was awesome. I loved their work on the Outsiders, but it looks like they're going to be doing this book instead. That's ok. As long as we get an equally impressive artist on the Outsiders. I love that book. But anyways . . I really liked this issue. I always liked Cassandra, and I'll miss her. But I think Stephanie is just as good a character. She's different, and doesn't have the same issues, but . . I think she's got just as much potential. And I'm glad that Babs is going to be playing a prominent role here . . she deserves it. This book is going to quickly move to the top of my pile . . and rightly so.

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