Friday, September 11, 2009

the Amazing Spider-man #604 - Marvel

Peter still doesn't know who the Chameleon is, but . . he's starting to feel the effects of what he's done for him while he was in his place. For some reason the Chameleon, later called Dimitri . . "I help all my faces." It's like he has to straighten out their lives for them while he's in their place. Anyways, we thought that the Chameleon was going to kill Harry . . but we find out this issue that he's invited him the live in Aunt May's house with the rest of the Reilly's. Most of them appear to be women, so . . there might be a little bit of trouble there. Then he finds out that MJ is talking to him again. She's happy about how he handled the stalker . . not that he knows what the Chameleon really did, but . . and she's happy that he's moved on and found another woman. Even though Peter has no idea who that is. But then he gets home and finds out that he's now in a romantic relationship with Michelle. That could be awkward. Anyways, while all of this is going on, he also stops the Chameleon as he tries to attack NYC's secret counter-terrorism command center. While at the same time he's being attacked by the Mayor's Spider-Squad. Peter recently stopped an attack on the city by Doc Ock, and now he, with the help of the Spider-Squad, help save the command center and a whole lot of police officers from being killed by the Chameleon's bomb. As soon as the incident is over all the officers on the Spider-Squad immediately ask for a transfer. The Mayor's reign of terror on Spider-man is starting to show some cracks. The issue ends with the daughter of Kraven asking the Chameleon, Dimitri, for help. Apparently she's the only one who knows his real name. "Spider-man killed my father. Now, my daughter and I need your help . . to return the favor." Peter is always jumping from the frying pan to the fire . . and back and forth. This issue was scripted by Fred Van Lente. The artwork was by Barry Kitson. I thought it was a great issue. We really covered a lot of ground with this one. Next month there's a new Spider-man title coming out . . Web of Spider-man. To me, it looks like it's going to be a title to help us keep track of some of his supporting cast. The first couple issues contain 3 short stories about various characters. A couple years ago, the Spider-universe imploded down to one title. It looks like we're going to be expanding again.

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