Thursday, September 24, 2009

the Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror #15 - Bongo Comics Group

I've been picking up this book ever since issue #1. It's easily one of my favorite Simpsons TV episodes every year. I also pick up the Bart Simpson comic. But I haven't included them here before. I don't know why. I guess I just figured nobody would be that interested. But if I'm wrong . . please let me know. Anyways, with the holiday season upon us . . I thought I'd put this one in here. What the heck! Unfortunately . . to be perfectly honest . . this issue didn't really do all that much for me. I barely laughed, and I found myself just reading it to read it. I didn't really get in to it. The first story is called Cloud 13. I think it's a fever dream, or something. Next we have The Call of Vegulu. In it, Mr Burns, now bankrupt from his investments, has decided to go green. We don't find out how much until Bart and Lisa and Milhouse go to the abandoned Burns estate and find his accountant living in the ruins. Anyways, long story short, they think that the Earth in being invaded by these 'green' aliens. Actually . . it's all a marketing campaign by a food company called It's an aggressive marketing campaign for their new organic line of food. 'Gotta eat it before it eats you!' How is it infecting people? It's 'viral marketing'. And of course Mr Burns is behind the whole thing. In the next story called Mo' Bodies Moe Problems, Moe has decided to try to get more people into his bar by having a lady present. So he hires someone to bring him a corpse. I guess he thinks the only way he can attract a woman is to get her when she's dead, and reanimate her. Wow! And I thought the people I worked with had a problem seeing the path from point A to point B. Anyways, the guy ends up killing Mrs Crabapple, and Moe does indeed bring her back to life. There's also a story about Moleman becoming a being made up of toxic waste. And a few other ones. Of all the stories, the only one that had even decent art was Bad Milhouse, by Jeffrey Brown. It had a painted style art. I don't know . . like I said, overall I was pretty disappointed in this issue. I enjoy the series on TV, and the Halloween specials, but this one didn't really seem even remotely close to stories or the quality that we get there. The first couple stories I just tried to flow with it . . not read to much in to it . . just go with the story. But by the end I was just reading it to read it. I couldn't recommend this one to anyone. Sorry!

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