Thursday, September 17, 2009

Outsiders #22 - DC

So the Outsiders are trying to help even more of the recent abdications from Arkham with the removal of the little present that the Black Mask has left them with . . a subcutaneous bomb. Whether they want to or not. Last issue Owlman and Black Lightning ended up performing surgery on Mr Freeze. This issue, Clay-face is in Wyoming recruiting the help of local miners. He's also got a small appliance embedded in him, so he's hoping one of the miners, with the right motivation, will help him find and remove it. You know . . miners . . underground . . clay . . there's a reasonable logic assimilated here. It's a stretch, but . . so is Clay-face. Anyways, long story short . . Rex assumes the composition of a very specific clay that Clay-face has absorbed, ends up inside of him . . and then Brion just listens to the Earth and tracks them both back to his hideout. It's funny when he lays down with his ear to the pavement. 'Ok. Let's hear what we can hear.' We get a glimpse into Katana, Halo and the Creeper's visit to the swamps of Louisiana. Apparently Killer Croc is there attempting the same process. But he's doing it by removing body parts and then waiting for them to regrow. That would be one way to get rid of that unwanted blemish or mole. Anyways, we don't get much information on their visit, but we do see that they're being joined by . . Man-bat? Peter J Tomasi does the story, with Fernando Pasarin on the pencils. Personally, I really like Fenando's work. I enjoyed Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott on this series, but I think Fernando gives it his own unique feel. Plus it's crisp and clean. So I guess we'll have to finish up this Hunt story-line before we move on to something of more signifigance with the Outsiders. I'll be glad when Alfred joins back up with them . . or at least gives them some more specific guidance.

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