Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uncanny X-Men: First Class #3 - Marvel

This book is enjoyable, but . . I may be dropping it. With all these variant covers coming out of late, I really need to cut back somewhere. Plus, some of the other titles that I've stopped posting, I still pick up to peruse. I know . . why? So I'll definitely be cutting those out. I really do like this title. I enjoy reading these stories of the X-Men's past . . their early years. But, since I already have such a large X-Men collection, these seem kind of redundant. Personally I can't see any important continuity issues coming out of this title. Nothing that's going to be some important footnote that we can say . . 'Oh yeah, I read that back there.' So I can't see them coming to any value. Which, besides the enjoyment factor, we all have to admit is why we collect them. We're all hoping that somewhere along the line . . years from now . . we might get some kind of monetary reward for our 'hobby'. Otherwise, why would we bother bagging and boarding them all and having all these boxes taking up space around the house. Right? Anyways, sorry! The price of these books keep creeping up and it's forcing me to make some decisions I don't want to have to make. So, in my head, I have to develop some sort of criteria, or reason, for the decision of what I'm going to have to cut. Which sucks because I've read a comic book every single day of my life since I was about 10 or 12. I know. I'm over-reacting. And . . I've gone on long enough about this. So let me get back to this title. We do get a little history of Sean Cassidy this issue. This takes place right around the beginning of his relationship with Moira. Patrick Rourke comes back into his life. That's Maeve's father, his late wife. He still blames Sean for her death and he's recently come into contact with a Haitian Priest who's also a mutant. He can take people's memories and emotions and give them shape. Anyways, long story short, Sean's loving memories of Maeve quickly overpower those of her fathers . . which are filled with anger and hatred. Patrick is defeated and the priest disappears into the ether. There's also a page this issue where the astronauts aboard Starcore One have found some beings floating around inside the sun. Overall it was an enjoyable issue. Scott Gray writes it, with Roger Cruz on the art. I like the book. I just have to figure out where I'm going to have to cut back.

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