Friday, September 11, 2009

the Shield #1 - DC

Well . . the Shield is finally here. Archie . . and then it's imprint Red Circle. DC's imprint Impact Comics, and now mainlined straight into the DC Universe. It's been a long arduous journey, but . . he's finally here. Now they just have to figure out how to put all these characters into place . . cogs in a much larger machine. This series is going to be brought to us by Eric Trautmann and Marco Rudy. With covers by Francis Manapul. All in all . . I'd have to say it's a good first issue. In the preview, by JMS . . now taking over the Brave and the Bold, this week . . in the preview we learned the Shield's origin. Basically, bringing him up to date with the DC Universe. So now . . now he's fighting for the American armed force machine, and he's looking for some soldiers that have disappeared in the mountains between Bialya and Kahndaq. 32 soldiers to be exact . . 4 teams . . each of which have gone in searching for the team before that they lost contact with. Long story short, he makes it into the mountains and finds what he thinks are some of the soldiers. The problem is . . they're attacking him. They seem to be under someone's control. The good news? Magog shows up on the final page. "Looked like you could use a hand, flag-boy. Well, don't worry . . the Marines have landed." I thought it was a well constructed issue. A very intricate story. But the part that really stuck with me was when the Shield first lands and he approaches a local village. He's always been told that as much as these people hate 'westerners', they love American culture. So he packs some comic books to give to the kids. After doing so, the Mullah says to him "They're too young to understand, you know. No concept of what it was like . . before. No inkling of what we've lost. No idea what people like you represent. Our culture is in ruins . . but at least the Americans have brought us comic books." It was a very touching and strong moment. Like I said, overall I thought Eric did a great job with the story . . and Marco's art was awesome. A very strong first issue. Now we'll see if they can keep it up. By the way, the Inferno back-up was by Brandon Jerwa and Greg Scott. In it . . Inferno comes face to face with Green Arrow.

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