Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Moon Knight Saga - Free Preview - Marvel

To be perfectly honest with you . . I only picked up this book because it was free. I'm on the fence as to whether I'm going to pick up the new series when it comes out. I haven't really decided. However . . this book gives us a detailed account of the entire Moon Knight history. Not the individual issues, and various titles that have come out from Marvel . . but rather a detailed account of what Marc Spector has been through and why. As told by Marc himself. Even if you know nothing about Moon Knight, Marc or his history . . this book will fill you in right from the very beginning. It covers everything. And like I said, you're not getting it in story form, but rather a first person narration by Marc himself. An autobiography of sorts . . if you will. Either that or a confession. It could go either way. Anyways, it's written by John Rhett Thomas, Dugan Trodglen and Jess Harrold. All of which I've never heard of. But, they do a good job tying together all the various parts of Marc's life. It really does seem like a seamless string of events, from beginning to end. And it features art by all the various artists that have contributed to this character over the years. We see panels by Laurence Campbell, Tom Coker, Tommy Lee Edwards, David Finch, Klaus Janson, Frank Miller, Kevin Nowlan, Jefte Palo, Esad Ribic, Alex Ross, Javier Saltares, Bill Sienkeiwicz, Mico Suayan and Mark Texiera. That's quite a list of talent there. If you're even in the least bit curious about this character . . where he's been, what he's done, where he's going . . this issue will fill you in on everything. It's very comprehensive. And like I said . . it's free. Well . . 25 cents if you buy it from Mile High Comics. Why not slip it into your next order? Oh yeah, and the new series Vengeance of Moon Knight is coming out next week . . 9/16. It's by Gregg Hurwitz and Jerome Opena. Look at that fantastic cover by Leinul Francis Yu. Maybe I'm not on the fence as much as I thought I was.

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