Thursday, September 24, 2009

Madame Xanadu #15 - DC

This issue wraps up Michael Wm. Kaluta's run on this book. And . . it finishes the story-line with Nimue chasing this killer around New York City. It's set in the 40's, and I believe it's main importance is that it shows Madame Xanadu's presence in the beginning of the Age of Heroes . . the Golden Age. Basically, she's been chasing this guy around that has been murdering men of importance. She's trying to figure out the connection, but it seems to be in the past . . not the present. It seems that these men's forefathers all came to America together. They all took different paths, but they started out on the same track . . running from the inquisitions that were plaguing Europe. So now this guy is basically punishing these men for the sins of their fathers. Which is where Nimue's recollections of the past come in to play. She was also in Spain during the time of the Inquisitions, and had someone very important to her fall victim of their blind subjugation of all that didn't follow their strict, and unwavering code. Although it seemed that each inquisitor interpreted that code to his own benefit, and desire. All the while, supposedly doing the bidding of the Catholic Church. Anyways, it turns out that this isn't a man at all, but rather 'An infernal Djinn, a fire demon of the netherworld . . an Infrit!' With the help of the Sandman, she ends up defeating it . . well, actually capturing it and rendering it harmless. For now. And she also learns that the Sandman is Wesley Dodds. I assume we'll jump forward a little bit in time with the next story-arc. And in that . . Amy Reeder Hadley will be back to interpret the stories of Matt Wagner with her fantastic art. This series has really been a pleasant surprise for me. I really didn't expect to like it as much as I do. I'm looking forward to what the future holds.

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