Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Exiles #6 - Marvel

Well . . this is it. The final issue. And if we're not certain . . Morph even says so on the opening page. It doesn't get much more official than that. The only thing we don't know is . . why? I'm guessing it's the poor showing during this recent incarnation, but . . that's probably just another excuse. I can't image that it would be that hard to find a writer and artist to take it over. Anyways, I always liked this book. It was interesting looking in on other universes to see how they were different from the established Marvel Universe. Since nothing they encountered was ever set in stone . . anything was possible. Plus, since Blink is stuck here helping the Tallus . . I'm guessing that we'll never see her in the Marvel Universe again. That stinks! This issue basically gives us a history and explanation of this whole process . . who's behind it and why. Right now . . the panoptichron is controlled by Kang. A female version. But . . they also give themselves an out at the same time. "From being connected to the panoptichron, the multiverse is a potentially infinite series of loops. While we can stake out a section of the larger loop and defend it to keep people like ourselves in existence . . we still change the structure in another direction. And when you change a later point in a circle, you change the beginning point as well. At one point, the Timebroker as the collective consciousness was true. And later, so were the bugs, and the couple. But after a while we'll change enough realities that Kang won't be the guiding force. It'll be something else. The nature of it is . . it all keeps changing. Just like the rest of life . . you can only deal with what you're given at the moment." And then the current team jumps into action to save Moonboy. So . . it's my understanding that the Exiles aren't really 'done'. They'll still be operating out of the crystal palace, and recruiting and training new team members. We just won't have a way to see their adventures. Unless, I'm sure, we get enough people asking for them again. The seeds of the first incarnation came about in, around 1991. That's was around the time when Marvel bought out the Ultraverse from Malibu Comics. There was an Exile comic there that was quickly revamped to include the Juggernaut and a couple other Marvel characters. That ran for about a year, and then in 2001 it was made into the idea that we have here . . by Judd Winick and Mike McKone. Blink and Morph have been involved since issue #1. In fact, the first team included Blink, Morph, Mimic, Thunderbird, Magnus and Nocturne. That's also where the Nocturne in the Marvel Universe came from. She got hurt, they came to the Marvel Universe for her to recuperate . . she ended up staying. Anyways, my point is . . it's an established part of the Marvel Universe now. We don't have very many Age of Apocalypse characters left. Now we're losing another one. So if there's any other followers of this book that are upset about it's cancellation . . go to the Marvel message boards and make your voices heard. This was a great title, with great characters. And it still has a lot of potential. Now . . it just doesn't have an outlet for that.

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