Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ex Machina #45 - WildStorm

It seems like Suzanne Padilla, the reporter that became infused with the technology of the 'white box' that Bradbury was trying to retrieve for the Mayor, is getting ready to make her move. As per her instructions . . she can control humans now, much in the same way that Mitchell controls technology, and that other guy controlled animals . . her instructions to Bradbury were to convince the Mayor that she had decided to drop the investigation because supposedly her 'source' had flaked out on her. Luckily though, the Mayor is smart enough to not just take things at face value. Plus, just because she says she's going to back off, doesn't mean that there still isn't a problem. 'She still had a 'source'. No matter how flaky. That means someone else out there wants to use my past against me. Someone on the inside.' I'm not sure why he hasn't put the pieces together and suspect Kremlin. The guys got perfect motive and opportunity. I know he used to be a friend. He was tight within the Mayor's circle, but . . they've had a falling out since. Why wouldn't he want to hurt the Mayor. Anyways, until he figures that out the machinations of Suzanne are going to continue unfettered. This issue she brings January into the fold. 'Ivan never gave you up as the one who got him that election day file the Governor's people put together on Hundred. I knew it had to be someone close enough to Hundred to get access to his most private records. But also someone with an axe to grind. Your sister was killed in the gas attacks . . you probably . . accepted an internship so you could take him down from within.' But this chick may be loony enough to get January to switch sides. After Suzanne beats her up a little bit, January asks 'You're . . you're gonna kill him, aren't you?' To which Suzanne replies, 'Don't be ridiculous. I'm going to kill everyone on the planet.' And the title of the last chapter of this title is . . Pro-Life ? How ironic is that? I only have one question that kind of nags at me . . if Suzanne, and Mitchell and that other guy got their powers from the same source, shouldn't they be able to sense or find each other also? I'm guessing they just never really tried. Anyways, another amazing job by Brian K Vaughan and Tony Harris. They continue to do an excellent job with this book. My only complaint is that it's almost finished. I can't believe that after 5 fantastic years it's almost over. Well . . at least it looks like they're going out with a bang!

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