Wednesday, September 30, 2009

X-Force #19 - Marvel

Ok, to answer that last question in the blog about the New Mutants . . it appears that Eli Bard has infected Doug Ramsey's grave with the techno-organic virus. Which is why, I guess, he's not there anymore. Wasn't Doug also infected with Warlock's techno-virus? I'm wondering how these 2 will interact. Anyways, most of this issue is spent by Agent Morales trying to get Laura out of the Facility's custody. She was captured by them last issue . . or maybe it was the issue before . . and Kimura immediately began interrogating and torturing her. Last issue ended with her cutting off Laura's arm with a chainsaw. The question is . . why is Agent Morales trying to save Laura? She's convinced that Laura is a stone-cold killer, so . . why is she so bent on getting her out of here? Anyways, Laura's convinced that Kimura is cutting off parts of her so that they can use her DNA to create more like her. She can't allow that, so she gathers up her discarded parts as she leaves. That's more than a little strange. But while trying to escape, Morales gets a little more information about how the Facility has controlled Laura. And when they end up in a lab, Laura has to explain how her training can be triggered by scents. She explains it as Morales almost drops a rather large vial of the stuff. Meanwhile on the other fronts . . Rahne and her boyfriend seem to have beaten the frost giants. I'm just wondering what that was all about. Bastion is keeping an eye on the Leper Queen. Even though she's dead . . supposedly . . he doesn't want the X-Men to get a sample of the techno-virus that he had put inside of her. He doesn't think that the X-Men can decode it, but . . he doesn't want to take a chance. Elixir is still out of it, but . . it seems as if his body, or his DNA is rebooting itself. He'll probably be ok. But it's gonna take time. We also find out, from watching Selena, that it appears as if . . Destiny, Irene Adler, is still alive. I think Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost are doing a good job with this book. I like the stories, and the direction these characters have taken. My only complaint this issue is that the story seems a little muddled up. Although . . I think there's a problem with the way this issue was put together. I think some of the pages are out of order. Anyways, as usual, Mike Choi and Sonia Oback do a stellar job with the art. I noticed that X-Factor is changing back to it's original numbering with issue #200. Do you think X-Force will be next? We'll see.

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