Thursday, September 17, 2009

X-Factor #48 - Marvel

In the future, this Doctor Falcone is working with a Dumbledore kind of looking guy, Tryp. They're the one's responsible for trying to rid the world of the 'mutant menace'. And they appear to be on the precipice of reaching their goal. There's really only one thing that stands in their way . . 'Layla Miller. If anyone screws this up for us . . it's going to be her.' However, now that Jaime is there also, he and Scott, Ruby and Layla are trying to get ahold of Doom's doom-locks so that they might be able to undo the individual disappearing of their kind. With them they can also manipulate time. Anyways, the really big news last issue was at the end when Cortex was revealed to be one of Jamie's dupes. Or is he a dupe? As he's fighting Monet and Theresa he's thinking, 'I hate to admit it, but it was worth it for this. The pain of being abandoned in the future, forgotten and neglected . . the soul-ripping torment of being catapulted across realities by Tryp . . and oooh, what Falcone did to me under Tryp's guidance . . but it's all worth it just to see the looks on Terry and Monet's faces. They knew nothing. They know nothing. And I know everything.' He could be the dupe that originally went forward in time with Layla, but . . I thought he died. His knowledge did return to Jaime . . right? So, either somewhere along the line, during the Summers rebellion, Jaime makes some more 'dupes', or . . this is actually him . . farther along in time than where he is right now. I'm interested to see how Peter David is going to explain this one. Cortex / Jaime also appears to be changed. I don't think he's human anymore. But I'm not sure what he is. He's also still after Lenore. I'm not sure I understand why Hecat'e is so important, but Darwin is willing to give it everything he's got to protect her. However, by the end of the issue Monet, Theresa and Darwin are no longer fighting him alone. On the last page Rictor, Guido and Shatterstar are back in Detroit. Hopefully next issue we'll get a few more answers. I love the job Peter is doing with this book. I'm also enjoying Valentine De Landro's art more with each issue. As I've said before, this is probably my favorite X-book out there right now. Every issue leaves you wanting more.


  1. I reread issues 39 through 48 yesterday. I love this series. I'm pretty sure, Cortex is the Madrox dup sent into the future as Peter David makes a reference to a long-asked question finally being answered on the mail page of this issue. #47's mail page featured a letter asking this exact question, and David said something to the effect that it would be answered in the next issue (#48). I believe #49 comes out this Wednesday. Can't wait!

  2. Actually, I can't believe I missed that. Most of the time I peruse the letters page. Some times you get more information there about the future of the characters than in the book. But that's also why sometimes I skip it. I like to see if I can figure it out on my own. Although, regardless . . I agree . . Peter is doing a knock-out job with this title. As far as Cortex goes, I guess we'll have to get some kind of story explaining what happened and why everyone, including Jamie, thought he was dead. I thought it was a great twist though.