Friday, September 11, 2009

Titans #17 - DC

This was yet another issue of the Titan's roller-coaster of emotion. Sometimes I think the most normal people on this team are Vic and Kory. Anyways, as usual, Beast Boy is acting like the clown. Wally and Roy rag on him. Making him the butt of their jokes. And Raven disses him when he tries to talk about their relationship . . or friendship . . or lack thereof. Donna overhears it and gives him another 'what-for'. That's when Vic steps in and decides to give it to him straight. "Why do you still play into that role . . goofing with Wally and Roy? Because it's comfortable. It's safe. You're scared of losing what you have here. You're so desperate for . . the status quo that you've replaced your old girlfriend with someone else on the team. Whose face do you see when you look back at your happiest time on the Titans? You gotta let it go, man. The whole 'living in the past' thing. You don't have to be that Gar Logan. Stop playing a role. Start getting comfortable in your own skin." Luckily his agent calls and wants him to go to San Francisco for a Sci-fi & Fantasy Con. Logan does so, and it's a bust. But as he's leaving he comes across the New Teen Titans fighting Cinderblock. And he can see that the team's not acting as a team. He can also see that Cassie's holding back because of what's happened to Eddie, Red Devil. So he goes in, gives them a little advice and leadership, and they soon beat Cinderblock. The story ends with him firing his agent. But as he's doing so, he's looking out his hotel room window at Titans tower. I don't know if he'll stay and join the Teen Titans, but . . he at least sees the damage that can be caused by hiding because of what you're afraid will happen. Or what you may lose. Life is change. He knows he has to deal with it. It's time for him to grow up. All in all, I thought it was a decent story by Pat McCallum. Angel Unzeueta does the art. It's not a great issue, but . .it's decent. I like the way we've been focusing on the individual characters the last couple of months.

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