Friday, September 11, 2009

Ultimate Comics Avengers #002 - Marvel

The Ultimate Avengers is back . . or the Ultimates as some would call them . . and they're going strong already. And we're only on issue #2. At the end of last issue Cap was bushwhacked by the Red Skull. But before tossing him out of the helicopter, he told Cap that he was actually his son. Apparently Cap then went rogue, which is what brought Nick Fury back into the picture. This issue back-tracks a bit. Mostly it gives us the specifics of Cap's son's birth, and circumstances growing up, but . . it also shows us when Cap decided to break out and figure this out on his own. Colonel Danvers, who now runs the Triskelion, has tasked Fury with the job of cleaning up this mess. His response is . ."Easy. You reopen Project Avengers and let me reassemble one of my old death-squads." She's not completely happy with that idea, but she lets him have Hawkeye. "The rest of the Ultimates stay a million miles from your black ops crap." But he's also going to get Stark involved. But not Tony. His older brother . . Doctor Stark. I love this Ultimate Universe stuff. It just seems like the writers can try so many different ideas here that wouldn't normally be accepted in the 'regular' Marvel Universe. And, since Mark Millar is at the helm of this book . . you just know that the ideas are going to be fast and furious. I mean . . who would've thought that the Red Skull could be Steve's son? That opens up a whole new way of thinking about things. Carlos Pacheco is the artist of this series. I was a little worried when I found that out. Not because I don't appreciated Carlos' talent, but we've had some pretty stellar artists associated with these characters. Not the least of which, recently was Joe Madureira. But, I have to admit, Carlos did an exemplary job with this issue. The beginning pages with Cap in the 40's with Gail looked awesome. Overall I was completely impressed with the whole issue. If Mark and Carlos can keep this up, they definitely have another hit on their hands.

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