Friday, September 11, 2009

X-Men Forever #7 - Marvel

Nick Fury has been all over the place lately. I guess that's what we get for having him been absent for so long. Not that I'm complaining. Plus, he is the antithesis of Norman Osborn, who literally has been in almost every Marvel comic this summer. This issue, Fury, through SHIELD, is investigating the squashed tanks and giant foot-prints in South America. He's doing this out of the mansion. He seems to have taken up residence here. Anyways, the name Simon Trask comes up. Between it, and everyone still reeling over the loss of Wolverine, his memories kick in and he thinks back to WWII. He first met Logan when they were assigned to blow up a German manufacturing plant. It was causing some serious problems for the Russians. On that mission, the Howling Commandos took some 'limeys' along, of which Logan was one. Anyways, they find out the plant is run by a scientist, also named Trask . . coinkidink? . . I think not. Trask was in charge of gathering up pieces of technology from all over the planet and piecing it together to make new weapons that the Germans could use in their war-machine. So Fury and his gang go in and destroy the plant and kill the scientist. Now, in South America, after the failure of the SHIELD team to acquire any data, the X-Men have gone in. They quickly find the problem to be a giant Sentinel. The 2 are connected because Simon Trask was originally in charge of the Sentinel program. So, either he's started it up again in South America, or . . we have a rogue Sentinel out there. I'm enjoying the subtle differences that Chris Claremont is injecting this story with. In this issue, Hank is much more aggressive, almost antagonistic, than we've seen him of late. To the point where he almost outshines Scott. Plus, remember . . they're all still dealing with the information about their own powers eventually killing them. Steve Scott does the pencils for this issue. I thought they looked pretty good. I missed Tom Grummett's, but . . he did the cover. I'm sure he'll be back after this story-arc. So far . . I like this new direction. We're only 7 issues into it and we're already way off course of the accepted X-Men history. I'm just wondering if this is what Chris had planned at the time, and now he's just rewriting it . . or is he making it up as he goes along? I guess it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that we're getting some great stories out of him.

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