Thursday, September 17, 2009

the Mighty Avengers #28 - Marvel

I'm enjoying this title a lot more of late. I can't really put my finger on what the reason is, but . . I've been looking forward to this one. Well . . most of it. I'm not overly thrilled with the story-line about the Unspoken, but . . it is a necessary plot development for the future of this series. So . . we'll see how it all plays out. Most of this issue we see his history, that of the slave-engine, and what he's currently doing to unearth it so he can utilize it's power. Meanwhile, everyone else is back at the virtual mansion fighting the Scarlet Witch / Loki. Even Clint Barton has joined the fight. Stature, who overheard her response to a help call from USAgent, has proven to herself that the Witch is evil, and apparently now who she says she is. But Loki has put a spell on her making it impossible to talk about what she's seen. So she can't tell anyone anything negative about the Witch. Therefore her next course of action was to bring in her team-mates, the Young Avengers. So now they're all fighting her, and with Clint's involvement has helped to turn the tide. They don't defeat her, but they do force her to retreat and cast a protective ward around herself. This cancels out her spell on Stature. But more important than telling them about the Witch, she wants to relay the message from USAgent. Which may be just in time as the Unspoken has released Xerogen gas on the 'heroes' that are opposing him. 'Terrigenesis makes my people into gods. But Xerogenesis . . makes yours into monsters. Into alpha primates!' Meanwhile, Hank is in his lab. With the help of Jocasta, Jarvis and Reed he's taking a trip to the macroverse for some reason. We don't know why yet, just that Jocasta is providing his tether. This series is now brought to us by Dan Slott and Christos Gage, with Khoi Pham as the artist. As I said, I really do enjoy it. I'd like to get past this Unspoken thing, but . . we'll see what happens.

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