Thursday, September 24, 2009

WildCATS #15 - WildStorm

This issue the WildCATS finally hook up with Max Farraday. Unfortunately . . it looks like they may have brought Tao along with them. Last issue they found Max's island where he's reliving his honeymoon . . day after day after day after day . . and then he brings them to St Louis where he's created a kind of pocket dimension. He wants to show them that in it he's placed millions of people that he's gathered from around the globe after the recent conflagration. They ask him why he didn't use his powers to stop Armageddon . . or try to rebuild the world. It's basically because of all the 'supers'. He was hoping that if he left the outside world as it was that the 'supers' would have nothing to do but fight amongst themselves and eventually wipe themselves out. All he had to do was sit and wait. But now the WildCATS have inadvertantly brought him into the mix, because even as they speak Tao is attacking his island. Max has no recourse but to intercede as that's where his entire family is. Although, because of that distraction, it doesn't seem that all of his power, combined with the backing of the WildCATS, is going to be enough to defeat Tao. At best they just seem to be delaying the inevitable. So Spartan decides to send Savant and Zealot to Hawaii to recruit Majestros help. 'That may be our salvation. Or our death.' I think it's great that Max is back. But I have a feeling that his family is going to die and he's going to go over the edge again. I don't know which is worse . . Tao, or a whacked out Max. Plus, we don't know what Kaizen Gamorra has been up to during all of this. He may be just sitting back and waiting to pick up all the pieces. Anyways, I thought it was a good story by Christos Gage and Shawn Moll. And I love that Ryan Sook cover. This has been one of my favorite WildStorm books for a long time now. I'm glad that it's as strong as it is currently. This is a great cast of characters.

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