Sunday, October 04, 2009

Smallville - Metallo - Season 9 Episode 2 - WB

Well I told you last episode . . it wasn't going to take long for John Corben to become Metallo. I kind of questioned their choice of Brian Austin Green to play this character, but . . he did pull off a pretty good role in Terminator: the Sarah Conner Chronicles. My problem is, I still see him as the geeky kid on 90210 . . the original series. Anyways, this episode he wakes up to find that he's been experimented on, and appears to be more machine than man now. But he has no idea who's granted him this gift. Later on, when Tess is examining some of the hardware, we find out that most of it is Luthor Corp tech. But 'Nobody ever had the vision to use these various parts together . . like this . . before.' So I'm thinking . . who did it is just as important as what was done. But I'm sure we won't find that out for quite a while. Anyways, the Kryptonite seems to be amping up his adrenaline, so . . he's not thinking or acting right. But it's Metallo. We knew that was going to happen. We do find out though that his grief with the Red & Blue Blur is that he blames him for his sister, Becca's death. Recently, when a prison bus flipped over, Clark rushed in to save the passengers. Unfortunately, one of them escaped during the confusion. He then went on to murder John's sister. Metallo sees Clark's face, when they're fighting up on the roof, but . . John Corben never met Clark Kent so he doesn't make the connection. Of course it takes Lois being in jeopardy before Clark even realizes that this guy is a threat. Lois seems to be settling into her investigative journalist role more this season. I think it's only a matter of time before she starts questioning Clark's various excuses. And, I think she's going to start putting things together. Clark hasn't started wearing his spectacles yet, and he still can't fly. But he is running around all over town trying to help in as many situations as he can. Chloe's got the watchtower up and running. I'm not sure why Clark hasn't enlisted her aid in helping him find the situations that need his help. It would definitely focus his effort. Anyways, Tess is still looking for the Kryptonians. Her partner seems to have found a location in Metropolis where he thinks they are. He's also found Kryptonian symbols all over the world that are connected to all of this. The most important one though is the Superman symbol, with a naked Clark laying in the middle of it. Fortunately it's by satellite though, so they can tell it's a man, but they can't make out the face. Anyways, in the end, Clark beats Metallo with a short range EMP burst. And when he's down . . he takes out his heart. Then somehow, all the parts, and Metallo, end up in Tess' possession. But he can't be considered dead because he's more man than machine . .'He's just been switched off.' I'm glad they're taking it slow with Lois & Clark. If not, it would seem to much like that show for my taste. At the time, I really liked Lois & Clark. But if you look back at it now . . it really seems dated . . and corny. Anyways, this season seems to be the season to introduce more Superman villains. Toyman comes onto the scene next episode. The thing I like about this show is that, to me, it seems more like a night-time soap than necessarily a super-hero show. Don't get me wrong. I love it that it's a show about Superman / Clark Kent. But . . it also seems like a soap, just with some rather extreme situations. It's easily one of my favorite shows on TV.

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