Friday, October 09, 2009

Jonah Hex #48 - DC

Well it looks like next issue, Hex is going to have to take the fight to Turnbull himself. This issue he finds out that his little amigo, Chako, has betrayed him. He sold him out to Turnbull and shows up with all sorts of assassins to take down Jonah. The problem is . . Jonah doesn't give up easily. And rather than wake Bat Lash and Lazarus, not to mention Tallulah, he decides to take them all on himself. I'm sure he wouldn't mind the help, but . . he leaves a couple of the women alive so they can go back to Turnbull and tell him what he's done. I'm sure the story will grow by the time they get there. And after he takes out the assassins . . he shoots Chako in the head for betraying him. This is part 5 of 6 Gun War, so like I said . . next issue will wrap this up, so I'm sure Jonah will be going straight to Turnbull's door. Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are doing a great job with this story. I'm guessing that this was kind of an experiment for them, because every issue leading up to this were single issue stories. I mean . . if you're unlucky enough to meet up with Jonah . . there's not much of a story to tell. You either end up dead, or run out of town. But I think they had some fun with this one. And it shows. Cristiano Cucina does the art. So next issue . . you know that Turnbull's going to end up dead. The question is . . will Jonah do it quick . . or drag it out? Hmmm!

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