Friday, October 09, 2009

Ghost Riders - Heaven's on Fire #3 - Marvel

Danny and Johnny are still trying to find the doorway to Heaven. They want Zadkiel to pay for what he's put them through. Although Danny seems a little more driven to get there than Johnny does. For some reason Johnny just doesn't believe that the Devil is telling Danny the truth. Danny recently resold his soul to the devil. He's promised to find the antichrist and keep him safe, and in return the devil will show him where the door to Heaven is. Zadkiel is also after the antichrist. If he kills him than he can play out the end of the world any way he wants. Johnny just doesn't think the whole thing is on the up and up. He's convinced that somehow, some way the devil is playing them. But, as much as Danny pisses him off . . in the end, he's really all he's got. Actually they're both all either of them have. So for the next part of the journey, it appears that the brothers grim will have to traverse the mystic wastelands and try knocking at every door to Heaven until somebody decides to answer. Jason Aaron and Roland Boschi are constructing a pretty cool story here. I'm just interested to see if this is going to end the way I think it will . . the only way it really can. I think that in the end they'll defeat Zadkiel, allowing Heaven to get back in order . . Danny will end up with his soul-contract hanging over his head, and Johnny will go back to being the one true Ghost Rider. Of course, I could be way off, but . . that's just what I think is going to happen. I'll just have to read and see. The back of these issues are filled with reprints of 1/2 of an original Ghost Rider book. This issue reprints the first half of Ghost Rider #2 . . from the 70's. And because of that . . we pay $3.99 instead of $2.99. Don't even get me started.

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