Friday, October 09, 2009

Magog #2 - DC

This story was interesting. A little out there, but . . interesting none the less. But I'd expect nothing less from Keith Giffen. As Magog witnessed last issue in Africa, someone out there is dealing in 'wonder-tech'. He assumed that it was Intergang, but . . I don't think it is. They were using it there to control the bodies of dead people . . their own little non-complaining work-force. He finds that same type of thing being done here, this issue, in New York City. While looking into the death of a fellow soldier, he comes into contact with a group of 'zombies', or as Axel calls them . . 'meat machines'. It's not a very good meeting for Magog, but . . he does go away with a couple of names . . Flashpoint and Maisma . . and something about 'over-people'. Whatever that means. He tries going to Hector Hammond to get some information. Afterall, he also dabbles in mind control. But . . that doesn't end well either. Earlier in the story, and last issue, we see the guy who seems to be dealing this stuff. He's working out of Hawaii. This issue, when Magog goes to Haven to talk to Hammond we find out that same guy is actually the Warden of Haven. I'm glad that they've kept the JSA presence mixed in with the story in this book. I mean, we have the connection there . . why not flash on it now and then to see how Magog is interacting with his team-mates? So far I like the book, but . . there's a lot going on that we don't have all the pieces to yet. Everything is gradually unfolding, but . . it's slow going. I like Howard Porter's art, but then again I've already stated that I'm a big fan. And we got a great Glenn Fabry cover. So far I think we're off to a good start. But we still don't really know this character all that much. I'm sure that'll unfold over time also. If you're into the JSA, you'll probably like this book. If not . . I'd probably wait for a TPB. If you're interested.

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