Friday, October 09, 2009

Smallville - Rabid - Season 9 Episode 3 - WB

I thought this was a great episode. It was a little out there, but . . it's TV. Right? I guess this is their 'Halloween Episode'. It kind of had that theme. Even if it is a couple of weeks early. Anyways, basically is was a zombie episode. One of Zod's underlings decides to take it upon himself and release a very aggressive virus out on Metropolis. He tells Zod that he's found out that there's another of them already living here, and he's been granted the powers of the yellow sun. Which has been elusive to them, so far. So he thought that if he released the virus it would serve to draw the other out. As soon as Zod sees the symbol that Clark's been leaving all over town he knows that it's Jor-El's. Anyways, that's what happened. But . . we don't actually know any of that until the very end of the episode. The rest of the episode is spent with Clark and Lois trying to fight their way out of the Daily Planet. Chloe and Emil come up with the anti-dote and get it into the water supply. And Ollie? Well . . Ollie helps a bit. It's more like he's fighting for survival. But after Lois was bit, and Clark asks him to take care of her while he tries to figure out what's going on . . well, he can't even do that. He hasn't slept in day, and between the pills and the alcohol . . well let's just say that Ollie isn't at the top of his game. He ends up letting Lois nod off, which is how the virus incubates . . and when she awakens, she's a howling, scratching, biting zombie. It looks like Ollie messed up that assignment. Luckily Clark comes looking for her shortly after she changes, so she didn't have to much time to get into trouble. And then, shortly after that, Chloe and Emil have seeded the clouds with the anti-dote so that every in Metropolis will be exposed to it. Including Clark and Lois who by then are out in the street brawling like a couple from a trailer park. I really liked the way this episode was shot, too. If fact, I think that's what made the episode. It really had a Resident Evil, or 30 Days of Night type feel to it. So now Emil knows Clark's secret also. Well . . he already knew that he was an adventurer like Ollie. But now . . now he also know that he's an alien. And I think Ollie has finally hit bottom. I'm guessing that we're gonna end up with some type of origin episode for him this season. Or at least one where he's washed up on a deserted island for an episode. Of course . . they may leave him on one and then stretch it out until next season. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Anyways, I really liked it, and next episode . . Toyman shows up. That should be interesting.

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