Thursday, October 15, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #41 - DC

Well . . it doesn't appear that things are getting any easier for any of our favorite Corps members. And we see a lot of them this issue. This whole issue takes place, pretty much, right on OA. First we see Iolande and Soranik trying to save their fellow Corps members that have been hurt and are stuck in the infirmary. The only thing that appear very different about their attack is that at one point Soranik is getting engulfed in this giant black skull. I'm not sure if that was one of the Black Lanterns she blew apart reforming, or if it was some other manifestation entirely by the black rings. Anyways, they end up beating them down long enough to gather up all their fellow members, and then they decide to take them to 'The only place I know where they'll be safe . . Mogo.' But hasn't Mogo been compromised also? I guess we'll find out next issue. Meanwhile, Guy is fighting Ke'haan, on of the lost lanterns. He's intent on finding out what the black rings are doing to their corpses. So when he takes Ke'haan out, he takes a piece of him with him to study. On their way off of OA, Soranik sees Kyle fighting with another Black Lantern. She goes back to help him and comes face to face with Jade. Meanwhile, Arisia is having some family issues of her own . . literally. All of her previous family members, that have been Lanterns, are trying to take her out. They end up crashing into the Hall of Lanterns, and it's the holograms of her family . . how they used to be . . how they should be remembered . . it's those holograms that finally give her the strength and the will to fight back. Also we see Killowog fighting Lantern Ermey. He was Killowog's trainer and mentor. He's really messing with Killowog's head, and in the end it looks like Ermey's going to take his heart. And our last batch, Vath and Isamot, really seemed to be overwhelmed by the teaming ranks of the Black Lanterns. It appears certain that they're going down. Especially when these creepy looking kids show up . . the Children of the Corps. 'We wanna eat . . and we wanna eat now! Yum, yum eat him up!' But then at the last second, a member of the Indigo Tribe arrives to save them. There's a lot of banter back and forth between the Green Lanterns and the Black Lanterns. To me . . none of that seems very important. Basically they're just pushing their buttons. However, I think it is important to note that during those conversations a lot of secrets and emotions are coming to light. I know they're just stroking their emotions to fuel their rings, but . . I think there's going to be a lot of collateral damage done here that we're not really going to see or notice until after all the fighting is done. Right now they all have this common purpose . . to defeat the Black Lanterns. But when all the minutia quiets . . and they have more time to reflect . . I think they're all going to remember, and think about all the things that have been revealed during the course of these confrontations. I have a feeling that friendships and teamwork are going to be stretched mighty thin. This was another fantastic issue by Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.

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