Friday, October 09, 2009

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #003 - Marvel

This book has the same great feel to it as the original. Thanks to Brian Bendis. He does a fantastic job of writing these stories about Peter as an adolescent. However, to me the most touching part of this story was when Johnny and Aunt May were sitting in the kitchen, and May's trying to figure out where he's been all these months. That's what I think Brian handles so well in this book . . the dialogue between characters. Peter and MJ also get into a fight. Mostly because he spills a drink down the front of her when he runs into her, but also because of all the unresolved issues standing between them. Yes MJ did break up with him, which Peter still doesn't understand why. But then when he moved on to Gwen it really hurt MJ. They argue, but they don't really talk. So nothing gets resolved. At the end of the book, Johnny finally talks to Sue and I'm guessing she's decided to let him have a little space. It looks like, for the meantime, Johnny's going to be living with Peter, Gwen and Aunt May. There's some dysfunctionality waiting to happen. Peter's already stretched to the limits as Spider-man. Now he's going to have a basket full of issues to deal with at home. Oh yeah, and Mysterio crosses paths with Spider-man again this issue. He tries to pull off a day-light robbery at the New York City Reserve, but . . Spider-man figures out what he's doing and foils it. Mysterio thought that Spider-man was a nuisance before. But now? Now I think he's going to make it his mission to get him out of his way. Like I said, fantastic story and dialogue and characterization by Brian. He definitely seems to have a love for this book. I think David Lafuente is doing a good job on the pencils also. His style is definitely different from Mark or Stuart's, but . . he's starting to make the book his own. And he's giving it a great look and feel. I'm glad this book didn't get discarded, or cancelled. I love seeing Peter as a teenager. To me . . that's the perfect Spider-man.

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