Friday, October 09, 2009

Haunt #1 - Image

After reading this book . . I'm very pleasantly surprised. I really only picked it up because I saw Todd McFarlane's name on it. I know! The guys got plenty of money and he doesn't need another comic geek contributing to his coffer. But . . what can I say? Ever since he started doing covers for DC, and then he did Infinity Inc . . I've been following the guy. Anyways, at the top of the book it's got McFarlane, Kirkman and Capullo listed. How could I not give it a shot? Robert Kirkman is the co-creator/writer, and Todd is the co-creator/inks. Greg Capullo does the layouts, and Ryan Ottley does the pencils. I've kind of got mixed feelings about the pencils. I'm sure Greg and Todd contributed a lot to the overall look, but Ryan's pencils, to me, almost have a Whilce Portacio look to them. Or at least he's heavily influenced by him. Anyways, I have to admit, it's really cool picking up a book for a brand new character knowing that everything you're reading is laying the groundwork for this new experience. Plus you know that everyone else that's reading it is getting the same rush. Our main characters here are Kurt and Daniel. Two brothers could not be more different than these two. Kurt is either a special-ops guy, or a mercenary. I'm not sure which, plus I guess it doesn't really matter. Daniel is a priest, but . . I think he's lacking some faith because the opening scene is him leaving a hooker behind in a hotel room. It seems that after every mission Kurt comes to Daniel to confess his sins. He's doing a job, and he's killed a lot of people. He seems completely immune to the violence or bloodshed. His first scene . . well, he starts out in confessional, but then we get a glimpse of his most recent mission. He starts out that mission by cutting himself out of a body bag. He's been sent to retrieve a scientist that's been know to experiment on cadavers, so he tries to get into the facility by hiding in the shipment of bodies. But instead, him and the rest of them have been thrown into a mass grave. Long story short, the scientist has moved on to experimenting on live patients. When Kurt shows up, the scientist wants to take his most prized possession with him. When Kurt sees what he's done to these people locked up in this room . . he shoots the scientist square in the head. Kurt doesn't see it, but as he's trying to get these victims out, someone or something crawls down from the ceiling and takes the scientists satchel. In it is his notebook which never leaves his side. Shortly after his confession, Kurt is abducted, tortured and then killed because someone wants to know where that. In it is his notebook which never leaves his side. Shortly after his confession, Kurt is abducted, tortured and then killed because someone wants to know where that notebook is. At his funeral, Kurt appears as a ghost to Daniel and asks him to protect his wife, Amanda. Daniel doesn't really believe that he's there, but . . apparently she is part of the reason Kurt and Daniel don't get along. We don't know what happened, yet . . but she's the cause of their falling out, years ago. Anyways, the book ends as Daniel, who's sleeping on Amanda's couch, is awoken by Kurt. Shortly after 2 hit-men come into the apartment. Daniel is shot at, and as Kurt ghosts instinctively lurches to take the bullet for him, the 2 brother's merge. They become this Haunt character that's pictured on the cover, and immediately slice the 2 guys heads off. 'Kurt?' 'Yeah I'm here.' 'So . . maybe I'm not crazy!' In the back of the book, Robert gives us a little history on what's lead up to he and Todd's collaboration. He bills the book as an 'action / horror / espionage epic'. He's also asking for ideas for the title of the letters page. My suggestion is 'Sibling Revelries'. Or maybe 'Haunting Confessions'. I don't know. It's just an idea. Anyways, I really enjoyed this first issue. I actually enjoyed everything about it . . the writing . . the art . . and the character. I can't wait to see where Kurt, Daniel and Amanda go from here. And I'm pretty happy with myself for picking this up on a whim.

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