Friday, October 09, 2009

Red Tornado #2 - DC

I think Kevin Van Hook is doing a good job with the story here. However, we seem to be focusing mostly on Red Tornado's android family, and not paying much attention to John's . . Kathy and Traya. Last issue we were introduced to the Red Volcano, and given some back story on Red Torpedo. We've already been given an image of both, a perception, but . . I think we're being misled. Volcano seems all full of rage and violence . . that being demonstrated when he barricades himself inside of his father's cell, TO Morrow and starts interrogated him for information on his surrogate, assembled family. We get a feel for the Red Torpedo when John releases her from her prison . . a torpedo tub on a sunken ship inside of Pearl Harbor. Just a little bit of irony there. Anyways, she tells John that she did what she did in her past because she was under Morrow's control. And then she begins to attack the fighter jets that are patrolling the area. Of course Tornado stops her, but . . 'I could have simply disabled their planes and dropped them gently into the ocean. Or I might have cocooned them in water and watched them drown. Who knows now? You interfered.' I think John wants to think the best of her, but . . his judgement may be clouded. Anyways, she knows about Volcano so they both go to Belle Reve to try to talk to him. But he's not ready for them. He wants to meet them on his own terms. Meanwhile back at Golden Valley High School, Seth Aiden in reaping the brunt of some bully's torment when it seems that the stress has turned him into the Red Inferno. He doesn't know who or what he is yet, but . . his body is on fire and it's scaring him to death. And he's flying. Then, on top of that . . Red Volcano shows up and wants to talk. 'Hello, little brother!' Luckily, Traya is there also to witness all of this, so . . she'll be filling in her dad next issue. I think this is an interesting twist on this character and his history. Plus, I hope we get some more of Morrow's story. But like I said, I feel like Kathy and Traya are kind of being left by the side of the road. Maybe they'll become a bigger part of the story next issue, but . . somehow I doubt it. Jose Luis is the penciller of this story and I think he's doing a fantastic job. Ed Benes is doing the covers, and I think Jose's stuff looks a little bit like Ed's. Anyways, so far I've liked this book. But, we'll see where it goes from here.

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