Friday, October 09, 2009

Batman and Robin #5 - DC

I thought I'd be disappointed when Frank Quitely wasn't the artist for this arc. But . . Phillip Tan is doing an incredible job. This arc seems a little more down to Earth than the first one . . with the circus, and Pyg. But it's still connected. One of the little girls that Batman & Robin were supposed to save came into the possession of the Red Hood, Jason Todd. If I had one complaint about Phillip's work it would be that Jason doesn't really look like the Jason that we've come to know. First of all, it appears that his hair is actually red. He claims that Bruce made him dye it so that when he was Robin he would look more like the original. I saw the Jason Todd story-line roll out right from the beginning . . when Batman caught him trying to steal the tires off the Bat-mobile. But I don't remember anywhere in there where his hair was any color other than black. Anyways, we also find out this issue that Jason was resuscitated with the help of a Lazarus pit. Obviously, he didn't fall into the pit on his own . . being dead and all . . so the question is . . who put him in there? Was it Ra's? Was it Bruce? Whatever the case, that appears to be a question for another day. All we know is that the exposure to the pit left him with a white streak in his hair. Anyways, the Red Hood and Scarlet, Sasha, are running around town killing all types of criminals. But Sasha brings up a good point to Jason, 'You don't think there will be reprisals for what we just did? Batman has the Joker and Catwoman. What happens when we make enemies, too?' Which segues right into El Penitente and his plans for Gotham. He can't let this new Red Hood get in his way, his plans, and his drug deals . . so he's brought in the Flamingo. We saw his plane approaching Gotham last issue. Which Commissioner Gordon has found after it's landed. 'He killed the Pilot . . the crew . . and . . those girls.' Apparently he had a plane load of girls that he attracted by telling them they were going to be in a video. Apparently he killed them one by one, and then skinned their faces and ate them. Also Sasha seems to know a little about him from Russia . . from the hushed conversations of her father. 'A good man who fought the mob until they cut his brain apart and took away everything that was human. They made him kill his wife, his children, and everything and everyone he ever loved. And on that day, Eduardo Flamingo became the King of Killers. The Ace of Assassins. On that day, Flamingo became death.' Anyways, this issue ends with the Red Hood and Scarlet retreating down an alley. But apparently they were followed. Jason gets shot twice. Once . . square in the face. I thought Grant Morrison did a fantastic job with this book. I like the way he's handling these characters. And I really like the attempt that Dick is making to get along with, and include Damian. At times . . it's hilarious. The dialogue between them is fantastic. It appears that his book isn't going over as big as I, or DC, thought it would. But . . I say . . give it a chance . . and time. Everybody wasn't thrilled with Grant's run on Batman right off the bat either, but . . look how great that turned out. Let him get some story-arcs in place, and the foundation built. He handles a book much like Mark Millar does. There's lots of various story-arcs, but . . later on down the line, when you look back, you start to see how everything is all connected. And how everything builds on each other. Eventually I think this book is going to be a classic. But . . right now . . it's a classic in the making. I say . . give it a shot. Personally, I think it's worth it.

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