Friday, October 09, 2009

Strange Adventures #8 - DC

I'll say this again . . for the last time . . I think Jim Starlin is a genius. I absolutely love the way he's playing these characters. Synnar's Aberrant Six are perfect for this book. Last issue Synnar retrieved his power back from the Weird, making him near omnipotent. The problem is, as he readily admits, in any cosmic drama there's factors at play that can't be controlled. Wild-cards if you will. Which is where the 6 come in. As Eye points out to him, 'You can most likely foresee what Thanagar's Grand Mors will have for breakfast tomorrow. But the action and intentions of the Aberrant Six members . . are a complete mystery to you.' This comes after Synnar begins to change them all. I believe he's changing them to his own needs. He starts with the most impulsive, Bizarro, and gives him intelligence. In Synnar's eyes, this will make him happy and whole. But will it really? It's also going to alienate him from his own race. He'll no longer have a home, or family. With Prince Gavyn he gives him the power he never received. He is now Fusion. He feels he's been tricked by Synnar. He thought that by bargaining with him he would undo the destruction of his race . . his planet, and home. But all Synnar does is change Gavyn. 'All that was lost to me is still gone. But now . . I do not care.' He next sets his sights on Comet. He uses some heavy-handed techniques to get him to bend to his will, but eventually . . 'YOU WIN! No more! Please! I'LL JOIN YOUR GANG!' But I'm not sure what he's done to comet. He and Adam will be joining the REBELS next week, so . . maybe we'll find out there if his powers or perceptions have changed. The Weird joins willingly. He knows that the chances of thwarting Synnar are negligible, so . . 'Why should I struggle against the inevitable? Besides . . I sense that this cosmic drama must play itself out." But I'm kind of wondering if that's how he really feels, or . . does he just now want Synnar mucking about in his brain. Which leaves Adam and Eye. It seems Eye has a past which she doesn't remember. Synnar has used her before and manipulated her into the wholesale slaughter of millions of innocents. This is a memory she seems to have suppressed. Until Synnar brings it to the surface. Which leads to the speech she made. She gives Comet a kiss, and says goodbye . . and then uses his power to commit suicide. However, Synnar says she's not completely gone. He gives Comet an orb which supposedly contains her essence. He tells Comet that he'll need it when she returns. Whatever that means. Anyways, so now . . without his Aberrant Six . . Synnar's plans cannot proceed. They aren't thwarted . . they're just stalled. He sends everyone back to where they belong, until the Six can become whole again. 'All has changed. But remains as it was.' Kind of a cryptic message there at the end. As I said, Comet and Adam will be joining the REBELS. The Weird is back on Earth. Prince Gavyn / Fusion should cause things to change a bit on New Rann. And who knows what kind of trouble this more intelligent Bizarro will get himself into. I think this was a fantastic cosmic drama, and I really enjoyed the story that Jim presented us with. It was fantastic. Scott McDaniel provided the art for the first couple pages . . the part where Synnar changes Bizarro. But the rest was provided by Jim and Al Milgrom. I'm kind of sad that this book is over. But . . hopefully it's just the next step in the evolution and story of these characters. I can't imagine that Jim's done with this story, by far. I'm just not sure where it'll reappear . . yet. But I can't wait.

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