Friday, October 09, 2009

Batman Unseen #1 - DC

Well . . we're off on another Batman adventure courtesy of Doug Moench and Kelley Jones. This year the mini-series is only 5 issues. It appears to be coming out twice-monthly so . . we'll have this one wrapped up before Christmas. Which is good. I liked Gotham After Midnight last year. But I still think 12 issue is much to long for a mini-series. We just lose to much momentum in the middle of the series, and it starts to drag. At least . . most of the time. Anyways, this time we go back to the time of Black Mask, and a underling that he's hired for his chemistry acumen, Dr Nigel Glass. Apparently this guy was fired from a rival gang, and the Black Mask quickly snatches him up. He's a research doctor, and he's trying to perfect . . 'Melanic masking and plasmic bleaching . . en route to the ultimate miracle of molecular translucence.' In other words . . he's trying to make himself invisible. I'm just wondering, why is it that every scientist that attempts to make himself invisible . . whether it be novel, or movie, or comic-book . . the scientist always seems to go mad? That seems to be Nigel's problem now. Rather than just turning invisible, he's giving himself treatments that are peeling away the layers of visibility one at a time. And as the layers of visibility disappear so to does his personality and charm. What little he had. On the final page of this issue he appears to have reached his goal . . complete invisibility. This issue seems to have served mainly as the set up for the villain of the story. Now that the good doctor has reached his goal, we should see next issue how he comes into conflict with the Batman. Doug and Kelley always seem to put out a good series. I'm sure this one will be right up there with the rest of them.


  1. Is this bruce wayne batman or current continuity?

  2. Definitely Bruce Wayne. On the title page, at the bottom, it says 'A Lost Tale of Bruce Wayne as Batman'.