Friday, October 09, 2009

Batman Annual #27 - DC

As we get ready for the Azrael series that is being prepared, it appears that this Annual, plus next weeks Detective are serving as an introduction to his presence in Gotham. This Azrael is ex-cop Michael Lane, and has been given power and purpose by the Order of Purity. To fulfill that, he's wearing the suit of sorrows and has been given 2 swords. The Sword of Salvation was given to him by the Order. While the Sword of Sin . . he took that sword from Talia in their last meeting. Anyways, now he's tracking Amon. He's working for a cult called La Saligia. They've got him looking for seven keys. Seven keys that open one lock. Apparently it's a lock that contains a secret. A secret that could . .'Adversely affect the church. By that I mean . . completely destroy the institution of the church and ignite a series of religious wars that could consume the planet.' Ok! I think that's a serious enough threat. Anyways, Amon is a man, but . . he looks like a demon from Goetia. 'Amon is a seventh spirit, a marquis in hell who wields great power. "He appeareth like a wolf with a serpents taile. He reconcileth controversies between friends and foes." He represents wrath. One of mans seven deadly sins.' Which goes with what we find out on the last page of the issue. Amon has abducted the children of some wealthy people. Batman intercepted his last though by replacing the boy with Damian. But on the final page Amon has them all strapped down on separate tables in a circle. He calls them their blood bounty. 'So that all man's sins can be absolved . . by God's decree, the eighth deadly sin must be restored . . and the children of the seven shrouders of sin must die!' It looks like Damian is in it neck deep this time. This issue is brought to us by Fabian Nicieza and J Calafiore. Both do a terrific job. The second part of this story, in Detective Annual #11 will be brought to us also by Fabian with the art of Tom Mandrake. And then the following week starts Azrael's new series with Fabian again continuing on with the scripts, and Ramon Bachs on the art. Which means of course that Red Robin will be getting a new artist also. So if you want to get in on this story with Azrael, from the beginning . . I suggest you pick up these 2 Annuals. Plus, don't forget about his back story that appeared in Battle for the Cowl: Azrael - Death's Dark Knight. That was a 3 issue mini. Also by Fabian and Frazer Irving. Who will be providing the covers for the continuing series. See how it's all connected? Are you excited yet?

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