Monday, January 18, 2010

Action Comics #885 - DC

Well, it appears that everything with General Lane and project 7734 are about to come to a head. I think the war between New Krypton and Earth may be happening any time now. In the last few issues, when Chris and Thara went to STAR Labs to try to fix Chris' aging problem, we found out that Jax-Ur, one of Zod's sleeper agents, was actually Dr Pillings. He's the one that Dr Light takes them to for help. This issue, we find out that another agent is inside of the Science Police. Officer Romundi is actually Car-Vex. So that accounts for all of the sleepers, since Chris and Thara have already taken out 3 of them, except for Quex-Ul. I don't think we've even seen who he is yet. But, another point of note is that these agents of Zod, also appear to be helping General Lane's cause. I think it was Car-Vex that actually alerted the General that the Kryptonians were at STAR Labs. So, either they're helping him on purpose, perpetuating this war with New Krypton, or . . a war with Earth is also what General Zod wants. It seems that with every issue, more and more people are starting to realize that what General Lane's plans and motivations are . . and that they may not be entirely altruistic. Unfortunately, it's only a couple of people each time . . the Guardian, and a few Science Police officers. Sure Lane's trying to protect Earth. That's his job. Right? But I think he's also got alterior motives that we don't even have a clue of yet. Even Lois is amazed by the deceptiveness of her father. But the issue ends when, in trying to capture Chris and Thara, a bomb that Car-Vex has planted goes off taking the top half of the Science Police headquarters with it. It was a great story by Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann. With art by Pere Perez. Overall I thought this was a good issue, and it moved the story along quite nicely. In the back-up, Captain Atom is trying plead his innocence to the JLA. But they're in a hit first and ask questions later type of mood right now. When they do finally calm down, Nathaniel tells them his story. They seem to believe him. But now he feels like he needs to get back to Mirabai's world. He's got some things he needs to fix there. However, with Zatanna AWOL right now, they need to find another way to get there. Which segues into the arrival of Detective Chimp and Shadowpact. This was also another great chapter by Greg Robinson and Cafu. This is another title that's approaching a landmark issue . . #900. And again . . I don't think the Action is going to slow down until we get there.

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