Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Booster Gold #35, #36 and #37 - DC

In this story-line, Michael has gone back in time to help out his buddy Ted, as well as Mister Miracle and Barda. They're on a mystical planet trying to recover a book . . the almost-but-not-quite Book of Destiny. We were first introduce to it in the new Brave and the Bold series a few years ago. But apparently it's made it's way here. Anyways, on this little trip, things just seem to keep going from bad to worse. They end up on this mystical planet because one of the Queen's stalkers . . Hieronymous the Underachiever . . is the person who has the book. He has enough knowledge, and foresight, to use it to take over this planet. But not enough to actually change reality. Lucky for us . . and the planet, of course. Anyways, long story short, they end up with the book, but . . before getting it, Hieronymous had swiped a Planet-Pounder from the Darkstars and was planning on using it to black-mail the Queen. With this new threat to his recently acquired kingdom, he activates it and teleports away. Which leaves our group of heroes left to try to stop it. Of course when they try to do so the Darkstars arrive and assume that they're the ones that stole it. And believe me, issue #36 isn't any less complicated. Ted ends up sleeping with the Queen . . rejects her, and then is turned into a chipmunk. Michael . . who had gone back to Earth when he escaped from the Darkstars . . remember, he's still trying to get information to prove Max's existence . . he comes back for his buddy and is immediately arrested once again. They take him to the Starlag . . an intergalactic prison. There he finds Vril Dox, before he founded LEGION, and he realizes that the Dominators, the Khunds and Okaarans are all working together. That's when he realizes that he's in the days shortly before 'Invasion!' If you don't remember, that was a storyline in the early 90's. Anyways, he's stuck in here with his best buddy, Ted the chipmunk, when they come across a woman trying to break out . . Estrogina. She's Zamaron and commands a group of female Zamaron pirates. In issue #37, they're the ones that are going to help her make her final escape. Basically this issue is a stream of mayhem has Estrogina works he way top-side, where her friends are scheduled to pick her up. And of course she takes Booster along for the ride because she's decided that he's to be her man-toy. They indeed make it out, and back onto her ship. Michael is just stalling for time because he'd gone back to Earth to ask Ted how they got out of this situation. Basically he has to wait for the spell to wear off. When he goes back to being normal, Estrogina will regurgitate him. Not the best plan, but . . I guess it works. They go back to Earth to clean up. Michael wants to give up and head home, but Ted reminds him that they still need to retrieve the book because now it's in the hands of the Darkstars. Which sets us up for the next issue . . 'Assault on (Darkstar) Precinct 2460!' Like I said . . it just keeps going from bad to worse. I really like this book. I find it very entertaining. Much improved from it's first incarnation, back in the 80's. However, having said that . . I do think that it's lost a little something with Dan Jurgens departure. I thought he really put a lot into this book, and now . . a little bit of the 'heart' is missing. Don't get me wrong. I think Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis are doing a good job. I guess I'm just not a big fan of all this wacky humor. And when those two get together . . it definitely gets piled on. Like I said, I still like it. It just seems like there's a lot of minutia right now. Maybe once Michael gets back to the present, and away from Ted, some of this will quiet down. We'll see. Anyways, I think Chris Batista is doing a good job with the art. And I think Michael is a great character. If he's going to turn in to Rip's father . . and turn him into the man he is today, then I guess there's still a lot of stories ahead of him. Plus, he still has a lot of growing up to do. That's what I think I liked so much about Dan's re-imagining. It really gave Booster a lot more potential than he ever had before. I guess I just can't wait to see that realized. Anyways, overall I think it's a good book. I'm not thrilled with this story-line, but . . I love this character.

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