Monday, November 15, 2010

Smallville - Ambush - Season 10 - Episode 7 - CW

In this episode, the General and Lucy come to visit Lois and Clark. The premise of the story is that, basically . . he's coming to test Clark. Obviously, being a father, he knows when his daughter is getting serious about someone. So he wants to make sure that her beau is of the quality of standard that he believes that his daughter deserves. Apparently Lucy is in on the 'master-plan' also, although I'm not sure if her intervention was intentional or just adolescent. Anyways . . while all of this drama is unfolding at the Kent farm, there's also another story-line in the works. The US Government is getting prepared to pass the 'Meta-human Registration Act', and apparently the General is one of it's biggest proponents. So Rick Flag, and his Suicide Squad, feels that if they can get the General out of the way, they'll be able to kill the bill before it passes. In a way, they're really trying to protect people like Clark and Ollie. They're just using extreme measures to go about it. And their acts actually help to sway the Generals feelings towards one of a kind of 'honor' towards the Blur. You see, Rick tried to take out the General with some missiles, but they accidentally blew up Lois' apartment . . while she was in it. The General and Lucy had just left, after having a fight about Clark, and he left the homing device the Rick gave Lucy setting on her counter. Shortly after leaving he sees her apartment explode, and assumes that she's been killed. But seconds later the Blur delivers her right to his side. And that was the instance that changes the Generals feeling. Not that that's what Rick had intended. But . . it's to little to late, as the bill passes anyways. It was kind of touching though, at the end, when the General talks to Clark. It seems that these 'tests' that he's always put Lois' boyfriends through was as much to test her commitment as that of her suitors. When Lois stands up to her father, about her feeling for Clark and their future . . that's when he knew that she was finally with the man she needed to be with. So it ends up being kind of a father and son moment between Clark and the General. Clark also kind of hints that he wants to ask the General permission for something else. Is Clark going to ask Lois to marry him? Well . . we don't know that for sure. But that's what it seems like. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. So far I've been thrilled with this final season, but it kind of seems obvious that they're going to have to go in some kind of direction with these characters in the future. It's just that it's hard to tell, and I haven't heard anything, as to what those plans may be. In the meantime, there's about a dozen episodes left, so . . enjoy them while you can.

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