Saturday, November 20, 2010

Incredible Hulk #611 - Marvel

This is a fitting conclusion to this title . . at least from my point of view, because it'll be the last one I pick up. I still have Hulk issues #24 and #25 coming up, but . . when I'm done with that . . I'm done with the Hulk. This was kind of a stretch for me anyways . . as far as following the characters. But I had picked up the new Hulk series from the beginning. And with this whole Hulk-War thing . . and the cross-over with this series . . I thought I'd follow it for a while and see what happens. But, I'm getting bored, and . . I need to cut back on some titles. So . . that's how I made the decision. However, that's not to say that I haven't enjoyed Greg Pak's stories. And I love Paul Pelletier's work. I think he's hugely underrated. It's been interesting watching them put together a 'Hulk-family' here. It also looks like Greg is going to be taking the Hulk in some new directions. After Bruce absorbs all of the Gamma-Radiation, to save the 'Hulked-Out' heroes, we find out that he's even stronger than before. So they bring in Skaar to take him out. After all, that's what Bruce has been training him for this whole time. But . . there's a complication. The Hulk is truly a monster, but . . he's also a very smart monster. He still has a lot of Bruce's intellect. He appears to no longer be the 'rampaging Hulk' of yesteryear. Like I said, it should be an interesting story, but . . I can no longer justify picking up these titles every month. I've enjoyed the ride, and I might be looking in on it every now and then. But it won't be consistently. But if I do pick it up . . I'll let you know what I think.

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