Monday, November 22, 2010

Chuck vs Phase Three - Season 4 - Episode 9 - NBC

Most of this episode is spent with Sarah busting heads as she works her way through Thailand. She's found out that the Belgian has Chuck hidden in a secret base there, and she goes all 'Batman' on the locals trying to get information. There's even rumors, or urban legends, started about her as 'the giant white she-male'. Not exactly how I'd describe her, but . . whatever. Anyways, it isn't long before Casey and Morgan join the search. Basically, the Belgian is trying to use psychological torture to get Chuck to activate the Intersect. At which point . . he can access it, and sell all the information. But . . nothing seems to be working. When his gang of rescuers arrive, the Belgian is beginning phase three. That's where he erases everything else out of Chuck's head . . leaving only the Intersect. When they arrive, the Belgian tells them that the process is almost done . . and it takes a while for Chuck to recover when Sarah disconnects the machine, but . . after a short period of time, Chuck seems to be back to normal. Minus the Intersect of course. It's still not working. Meanwhile . . back in Burbank. Elle has found the computer that we all saw stashed away under the seat of her father's old Mustang. After a hilarious series of swapping electronic favors for medical procedures, Awesome gets the Nerd Herd to work on it and at least get it operational. It wasn't doing anything when they first found it. But they have to figure out the password. Which of course Elle knows because it was something between her and her father. At the end of the episode they see something on the computer, but . . we don't know what it is. At least not yet. It isn't to hard to figure out that this all has something to do with Chuck getting the Intersect operational. But all we can do is let it play out until the next episode. By the way, I forgot to mention it the last episode, but . . the Belgian is Richard Chamberlain. I didn't actually recognize him last time, but . . we see more of him this time. Overall, I liked the episode. I think, basically, it showed Chuck, and of course Sarah, that there isn't really any way to get the Intersect back up and running without some form of technology. They've tried fear, anxiety, emotional turmoil, but . . nothing seems to be working. Until they find some piece of his father's technology, there's not really anything they can do. Luckily, and coincidentally . . Elle has found just that piece in her father's old car. Unfortunately . . nobody else knows it . . yet. Hopefully all of that will unfold in the next episode when everybody spends Thanksgiving at Elle's. Anyways . . another cool episode from a very fun series.

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