Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chuck vs the Aisle of Terror - Season 4 - Episode 6 - NBC

In typical Halloween fashion, this episode guest stars Robert Englund as the evil scientist working for Volkoff, that has developed a terror spray. It also guest stars Linda Hamilton as Chuck's mom, and Morgan Fairchild as Awesome's mom. At the end of the last episode Chuck's mom had called him and wanted to meet. Apparently this mad-scientist had developed this fear-agent, but 'Frost' felt that it was to dangerous to fall into just anyone's hands. So she wants to turn it over to the CIA. At first she sets it up as a sale, with Charles Carmichael being Chuck's cover. But when 'Frost' shows up and ends up shooting him, they know that somethings wrong. Apparently Chuck's digging had set off some alarms in the Volkoff organization, so she had to show Volkoff that Carmichael was dead, and that she had taken care of it. This would also take Chuck and Elle out of harms way, as Volkoff would think that he was dead. Anyways, she ends up turning this scientist and his weapon over to Chuck, with this story about how she had gotten involved in project Isis, some 20 years ago. She says that when that happened her files were expunged from the CIA files. Of course Casey has someone that can look into that, and . . what he gets shows that she's lying. About everything. So, at the end of the episode, when she agrees to meet with Elle, Sarah and Casey abduct her. Leaving Elle heartbroken, and Chuck left to try and explain things. 'Frost' decided to meet up with her, partly because she found out she was going to becoming a grandmother. But also, I think, because when she watches Elle from a distance, she sees how Lovely, Awesome's mom, is interacting with her. She picks up a teddy-bear to give to her, which she doesn't . . because she drops it when she's abducted, but . . I think there's something in there for Elle. But right now . . it looks like the bear is lost. Anyways, back at the Buy More, Grimes is caught up in decorating for Halloween, but he's overwhelmed. He's trying to balance his work with being there for Chuck. Plus, with the events of the last episode, he and Casey seem to be getting closer. At least Casey seems to be trying to involve him more in what's going on. Anyways, since he can't do everything he delegates the transformation of the store to Jeff and Lester. What they do is hilarious, and part of the events that lead up to the demise of the mad-scientist. Anyways, I think these 2 are a great comic-relief option for this show. True, sometimes they are more than a little creepy, but . . I still think they're funny. And why does Jeff end up shirtless in at least one scene of every episode? Anyways . . I think this show is great. And it's great fun. It also has a great cast of characters.

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