Sunday, November 14, 2010

X-Men #2, #3 and #4 - Marvel

So we all saw, in the prologue for this storyline, how the Vampires have engineered a new 'virus' that can infect the human population through the air. Basically, they sent out suicide bombers, infected with the virus. But one of these guys ended up in Union Square, with a specific target in mind . . Jubilee. But we find out that Jubilee wasn't actually their primary target. Their primary target was that man they knew that the X-Men would send after her . . Wolverine. All of this is being orchestrated by Dracula's son, Xarus. He wants to join the Vampire and Mutant races to create an army powerful enough to take over the world. So it's kind of the 'evil guy with plans of world domination' story-line . . with a twist. Anyways, this virus is designed to create 'the hunger' in it's recipients. Bringing the Vampires food-source, and fodder for their ranks . . straight to their doorstep. All they have to do is sit back and wait. It's ingenious . . really. Through this process, before they know it, the X-Men have come to realize that Xarus' ranks are swelling by the thousands . . daily. Add to this the amulet that they've designed . . it allows them to go out during the day, as it protects it's wearer from ultraviolet light . . and they're starting to seem pretty much unstoppable. But the X-Men aren't ones to give up hope so easily . . especially Scott. So he's come up with a plan. It's not a good one, but . . it's about the only option that they have. Scott wants to reunite Dracula's body, with his head . . and hope that he'll seek out his throne, now occupied by his son. His hope is that in the battle that ensues, the father will take out the son, and thereby eliminate his plans for world conquest. However, my concern is . . as with most of these hail-mary plays . . things are going to get worse before they get better. After Scott implements the plan . . and Dracula is resurrected, the X-Men fill him in on what's going on. He doesn't seem to happy about it, but . . he's also convinced that the X-Men are trying to back the lesser of two evils . . literally. Or . .'the devil they know'. To him, the X-Men seem desperate and without options. So before he leaves, he doesn't really say or do anything to convince them that he'll do anything that will bring their plan to fruition. During all of this, Blade is also playing a big part in this story-line . . as he is the foremost Vampire expert. Anyways, we eventually get to the point where Logan has gone after Jubilee and descends right into the devil's lair . . as it were. Logan's a pretty tough guy, but even he isn't a match for the sheer numbers he's up against here. He's quickly captured and converted . . with Jubilee as the bait. I don't even think that he was surprised when he found out that she was turned. Anyways, by the end of issue #4, the X-Men have found out that Logan and Jubilee are both working with Xarus. And as a Vampire army begins to descend upon Utopia, I'm sure they're starting to wonder . .'What happened to Dracula?'. I think it's an interesting story-line. And I like the whole 'world-domination' thing, with the vampire twist . . we all know that Vampires are all the rage right now. I just hope that there's some actual change that comes out of all of this. Wolverine appears to be transformed, but . . I can't imagine that he's going to stay that way. I'm sure he'll work out of that . . somehow. But Jubilee's character seems to be diminished, of late. So maybe this is a way to bolster her character a bit. A way to give her . . something. And of course we have to begin wondering what the aftermath of all of this will be. The Vampires seem to be making a pretty big impact on San Francisco. Since everything that this city has been through since the X-Men's arrival . . I can't imagine that they haven't crossed the 'point of no return' yet. When do the citizen's of this city proclaim . . 'Enough is enough!'? So I think there's a lot of potential here. And I'm sure it'll be a roller-coaster ride along the way. My only problem is . . I'm sure there will be oodles of peripheral books. I don't want to get them all, so . . I have to pick and choose which ones I think will be the most interesting, or best serve to progress the story-line. Anyways, this story-line is being created by Victor Gischler. I've never heard of this guy before, but . . he's seems to be pretty adept at creating an interesting storyline here. The interior art is by Paco Medina. With Adi Granov contributing some pretty amazing covers. All in all I think this is a great start to this new title. I can't wait to see where things go from here.

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