Thursday, November 18, 2010

the Invicible Iron Man #29, #30, #31 and #32 - Marvel

Matt Fraction adds a really cool element to the story in issue #29. Justin and Sasha Hammer are working on getting their company off the ground . . as Tony pulls himself away from the defense contracts that made him who he is, and tries to get his new company Stark Resilient off the ground . . the Hammer's want to fill Tony's vacant shoes. That's how they came up with their own super-soldier suit . . Detroit Steel. But they've come on the scene like a bull in a china shop. They seem to be trying to bully themselves onto the scene. And I don't think the US Government is any happier about the arrangement than is Tony, but . . with him not filling their contracts, they have to turn to somebody. Plus Sasha has an 'in' with the Government since she's now the Director of SHIELD. Anyways, the cool idea is that the Hammer's introduce a new ap for kid's phones. It's a game. They get to be the back-up for Detroit Steel, and take down targets as well as bad-guys. What they don't know is that they're actually controlling the drones that accompany Detroit Steel. Their idea is that the drones will be harder to fight, because they'll be 'wild-cards'. And, should a player lose the game and get killed, they can simply transfer the uplink to another willing participant. They have an endless supply of drone-pilots. While all of this is going on, Pepper is also fitted with a new repulsor, and has the opportunity to become Rescue again. However a problem arises when, at a gala, Tony and Pepper realize that their respective repulsors are . . well, they repel each other . . kind of like two opposite magnets. So while they can be in the same room, it looks like they won't be able to be intimate again . . or even hug or kiss . . at least until Tony figures out how to fix things. In the interim . . he approaches Justine Hammer and decides to take her out on the town. Or at least for one hell of a ride. He starts showing off his new armor and ideas to Justine, and baits her into activating the enhanciles that Zeke Stane implanted within her. It turns out that's what this whole trip was really all about . . Tony wanted to see what her capabilities were . . he wanted to know what he was up against. He destroys a car in the process, but . . with Pepper's help, he sends Justine running in retreat. Unfortunately, the woman's scorn is felt shortly after when Tony debuts his new car on the test track. They're immediately besieged by the Hammer drones. Not only do they get their first prototype destroyed, but . . Tony is convinced that they have someone working within their new company that is spying on them for the Hammers. He then starts trying to pinpoint the people he can trust. Unfortunately they have a public demonstration of the car scheduled, and Tony can't get it all figured out in time without affecting their publicity negatively. The good news is that when the Hammer's decide to attack . . they show their hand when the phone ap activates and the field of conflict is recognized as Tony's test track. That's when they realize how these drones are being used. But it may be to little to late as Detroit Steel also shows up for the attack and Iron Man has to fight him, while trying to keep the civilian audience safe. Luckily, he's got War-Machine and Rescue to help him. But they come up with a plan. First they have to shut down Seattle's cell-towers so that they can cut off the connection between the operators and the drones. Secondly, Tony figures out that they're actually targeting they repulsor tech. So if War-Machine and Rescue power down . . they'll effectively be invisible to their tracking systems. The problem with that is . . if Pepper powers down she'll go into cardiac arrest. They'll have 14 minutes to revive her, until . . they can't. And Tony's part in all of this is to take off with the car and try to save what little they have left of their company. So it's a race . . all the way around. And all of this is leading up to Iron Man #500, which will immediately follow issue #33. Which will be where this current story-line wraps up. I think Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca have done an incredible job with this book. The stories have been at break-neck speed . . with lots of cool ideas from Matt. And they've been visually attractive as well. I've always had a passing interest in Iron Man, which is why I decided to pick up this title when it first came out. I haven't been able to put it down since. I can't wait to see how this storyline wraps up . . as well as where things go after issue #500. The best is yet to come.

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