Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chuck vs the First Fight - Season 4 - Episode 7 - NBC

In this episode . . Chuck and Sarah have their first fight. Which, to me, seems kind of hard to believe because, I guess, the nature of their relationship seems to be one of conflict. Or maybe it's just Chuck's whining all the time. Chuck's the type of person that seems to always . . and I mean always, second guesses himself. While Sarah is much more confident and sure of herself. They seem, on the surface, to be polar opposites . . really. But . . maybe they aren't so different. Maybe Chuck is just more open, and vocal about his concerns or inadequacies. Either way . . Sarah must really love him because, anybody else . . he'd just annoy the piss out or. Like he does Casey. Anyways, their fight . . this time, is about Casey and Sarah abducting 'Frost' at the end of the last episode without them telling Chuck what they were up to. In both of their defenses, 'Frost' really does seem to go back and forth quite a bit. In this episode she gives Chuck some information that will help clear her name, putting him in contact with her MI6 handler, but . . that handler ends up being Volkoff himself. So when Chuck, and Sarah show 'Frost' the elaborate setup that Chuck's father created under their old house . . 'Frost' reverts to form and shows Chuck something that disconnects him from the intersect. She then reveals that this guy is actually Volkoff, and the blow everything up. Including Chuck and Sarah. Well . . that is, if she hadn't of slipped a razor-blade to Sarah shortly before she and Volkoff took off. But still, all of her father's information, and everything to do with the intersect has been destroyed. So if Chuck really is disconnected . . how does he get it back? Well, as this story is going along, before this ultimate climax, Sarah takes 'Frost' to see Elle. Elle is very emotional, but the one thing she gets out of it is that she, and her father and mother, used to go for rides in their '68 Mustang. It was red, with blue leather seats. Anyways, she's been searching the personals since her father died . . he used to leave her coded messages there all the time, and she notices that there's an ad for a '68 Mustang, with blue leather seats, that's been in there every day since he died. At the end of the episode she decided to go an get it. And inside the car, of course, is a letter to her from her father. But I think the real reason he left this car behind is because underneath it, as it's driving away . . we see a green flashing light. Much like the one that was on her father's intersect device. So I'm thinking there's another one hidden here on this car. Anyways, the whole bickering thing between Chuck and Sarah, I thought, provided a good hook for the episode. It was pretty funny watching them bicker as they're fighting their way through these life or death situations. It was also funny the way the people around them looked at them, while this was going on, as if they were nuts. Which, in a way . . they are. We don't see much of the Buy More this episode. I think the whole purpose of this one was to progress the 'Frost' storyline. And, of course, again . . I really liked it. Yes it's immature, childish, and a bit predictable, but . . I think that's a lot of what makes it so fun. The light-heartedness of all this is what makes it so interesting. If they played it straight, I don't think it would be nearly as good.

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