Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Gen13 #37 and #38 - WildStorm

In this issue Pathcutter and the rest of the Gen13/Gen14 find their hidden oasis . . Pocatello. Or, I guess I should say, rather . . the city finds them. They're traveling through the wasteland, when all of the sudden . . they're in the city. Well . . it wasn't exactly that fast. They thought they had found a sheltered area and set up camp for the night. When they woke up . . they were in the middle of the city . . surrounded by armed citizens. And seeing as how the 'post-humans' were responsible for the fate of the rest of the world . . these townsfolk don't really extend the hand of friendship. Anyways, as it turns out . . Pathcutter's whole motive for coming here was that he was looking for his sister. Before the world ended, they were a super-hero team by the name of Hide & Seek. Apparently his sister's powers are cloaking in nature. When she gets hurt, or passes out, she goes into defensive mode and her body cloaks everything within a few mile radius. Which is how Pocatello has stayed off of everyone's radar. They've been keeping her in a medical coma, forcing her powers to work. So while Caitlan and the rest of the team are trying to sort things out with the Mayor and Sheriff . . they're the 2 people that seem to be the most in charge, Pathcutter heads off to find his sister. They end up offering the team a home here, but in exchange they need their help protecting them and their citizens from a nuclear testing facility in the nearby town of Idaho Falls. One of it's scientists have made it to Pocatello, and he's very mutated from the radiation he's had to absorb. He's been trying to contain the facility and prevent meltdown, but . . it got to be more than he could handle. So when the team takes off to go take care of this problem, Pathcutter steals his sister and tries to bring her back to consciousness. Of course in doing so he opens up the town to outside threats. The Mad-Max group of characters that Kaizen-X was leading is there ready and waiting. Apparently Pathcutter was working with them. We don't really know that yet, but . . there's not really any other explanation. So Bobby ends up looking like a flaming skeleton, when the reactor blows. And the rest of the team, after coming across Pathcutter . . or rather, Hide & Seek trying to make a getaway with his sister, ends up heading back to Pocatello and right into the fight with Kaizen-X. I thought this story was ok. Phil Hester did a decent job with it. I don't suppose there's much he could do, as he doesn't really have much to work with here. With Bobby probably out of the picture now, Caitlan is really the only one of the original Gen13's left. And while these other characters are interesting, there hasn't really been a whole lot of development on their part. And we kind of know right up front that some of them are just cannon fodder. To me it's just sad because these were a bunch of characters that I really liked in the beginning . . back in the day. But now they seem miles away from there. Anyways, Cruddie Torian does the art. His style of art fits this book perfectly. To bad it's probably too little . . too late!

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